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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

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[News] Jolin once again appeared in MFBBT

[2009-03-14] Jolin once again appeared in Channel[V]’s Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang bringing her sexy dance which made all the boys hyper. A Wei’s legs were too short to learn splits and almost fell, Ao Quan learning the butterfly pose where he handsomely fly up but fell back down.

Before the studio recording Lollipop dressed up as paparazzi and surprise visit Jolin, Lollipop asked out of Lollipop which whose lips could have a kiss scene with Jolin. The boys showed their sexy lips trying to attract Jolin’s attention. Ao Quan who’s desperate to be picked was shaking his lips to attract her attention but surprisingly Jolin picked A Wei which made the others disappointed. They said “Jolin doesn’t pick the good students.” This made Jolin reply “That’s right, for long shots we can use substitute.” This has hurt A Wei’s feelings.

When asked when was the last time Jolin said “I love you” to a male, she openly replied “Last year Christmas.” A Wei immediately said “Last year I was not in Taiwan, did you go to Hong Kong?” This made Jolin cracked up laughing but also made the other members attacking him.

Jolin was generous to expose the things in her bag, such a good chance to find Jolin’s secrets which made the boys hyper but when they found out her bag has things such normal things like sunglasses, wallet, makeup, charm, and etc Lollipop put all their hopes in her wallet hoping to find something like “lover’s photos” unfortunately there was none. But seeing a bundle of cash Jolin shyly said that she won a lot lately while playing mah-jong so she brought more cash. Hearing that they immediately think of “Cai Bang”, their eyes widen but also represent that they have been learning mah-jong at home. Asking if they could join “Cai Bang” and if there’s any ceremony? Jolin laughingly said “No ceremony, you can join if you’re sincere.” Making Lollipop cheered loudly.

When the show started recording Jolin performed her new song “Da Zhang Fu” which made all the boys hyper, Fanfan expressed that just watching her figure dancing was surprising. A Wei immediately learned the movements but it looked more like “man power” rather than “Da Zhang Fu” which made Jolin laughed. At the end Jolin taught A Wei the move, Jolin smoothly did a leg split movement, Fanfan asked if A Wei’s leg were long enough. As expected length of the legs is a problem, A Wei was stuck while doing the move and almost fell.

For the album cover Jolin had to be wire hanged, her waist was all bruised but it was all worth it as the result of the butterfly pose was amazing. Ao Quan challenged this move without using wire, he handsomely fly up but when landing down he fell on the floor. He immediately stood back up and Jolin was shock saying Ao Quan was amazing.

To fulfill Xiao Lu’s dreaming that is to Jolin a song with Jolin, he practiced at home for 3 days. He was already nervous seeing Jolin in person and didn’t think Jolin would dance around him which made Xiao Lu sweated and forgetting the lyrics. Afterward he immediately ran back to him seat.

Translated by Choco-late

娛樂NP3 - Ai Dao Di Taiwan Premiere

A video featuring the day when "Ai Dao Di" premiere at Taiwan.

uploaded by seamoonlyapunov

CIRCUS狗仔隊 2009.03.07 棒棒堂

The first half of this episode is the rest of Lollipop and the other half is about Fahrenheit. Continuing from last week episode Lollipop and Circus was running to catch the train back to Taipei but they missed the train so they had to catch a different train which stops are Tai Zhong only.

While they were traveling back Circus continued asking their prepared questions. They were asked to do some origami while answering these questions. The first question was "Do you really think HTQXZ is good drama?" I'm glad their questions is not like "of course it's good!" something like that. A Wei said it's pretty good but the only thing is that he wants more fighting as the end is mostly about love. Xiao Yu's answer was more daring, he said it's a waste of time. But he explained because his character is not important and there's nothing going on with the girls. He seems really care about this as he mentioned it a couple of times on show.

Next question was will they host another show as most fans want to know. A Wei said MFBBT is more popular, KID asked why they stopped filming? A Wei said because their schedule cannot fit in. They all laughed as Ao Quan said why A Wei so full of himself, must be magic of the origami. Xiao Yu said because A Wei is not a good host and A Wei agreed to it.

The next question was "Have they ever have close contact with fans?" This time they wrote their answer down on a piece of paper, out of the 4 there's 1 yes. As they suppose not to reveal the answer but while they were talking the answer was revealed. Xiao Jie said there's a member who likes to signup for communities and will leave his phone number while filling the form. That member's sister leaked his phone number out and fans were calling that number but no one picked up. He said that was during when they just debuted afterward that member know he did wrong. They were all guessing who it was and ended up guessing it's A Wei, it was so funny because afterward they all attacked him. It was really funny how A Wei kept asking if it's his sister and during the next question A Wei just suddenly popup saying Wei Lian has a sister and Xiao Jie too!

The next question is "If they had another elmination round who they will eliminate?" Each of them has 1 vote, some member's reason was for that member's sake. Ao Quan's answer was A Wei because of that phone issue. Xiao Yu's answer was Xiao Jie as he doesn't like getting close contact with girls but A Wei said Xiao Jie knows all the pretty girls in wretch.

That was the last question and they had to fillin a survey expressing what they think of Circus as host. At the end KID got the most votes which made him last out of the 4 and he will have a chance of being kick out of Circus or do something daring.

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishowV)
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Lollipop New Monday Wallpapers

Nice and big wallpapers from New Monday website. All of them are 1600x1200 which is good as I have a big screen. Xiao Yu is not included in these wallpapers as they took this while they were in Hong Kong that's when Xiao Yu went back to Taiwan for his exams. All the group photos are really nice!