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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Wang Zi wretch photo album update, 10/1

OMG! Wang Zi is hot wearing a tank top just like what I said when I watch episode 10. When I first click on the album the first thing I saw was the two kissing photos, from a far distance it does looks like they're touching but they aren't. Hope the photos doesn't make more anti-fans for Xiao Xun.

Taipei what up 台北之音

I think this was just then, Lollipop sure is being in quite a lot of radio lately. I don't even know about it until just then but luckily there's always someone who records it.

They were so cute when I listen to it I feel so happy. So they are there to promote their upcoming album and talk about it. After a little talk with the host they broadcast "Cang Jing Ge". After that they talked about HTQXZ, Wang Zi said the lyric he wrote he would give it to Xiao Jie to look at it and when he said okay then it's okay.
It was funny how A Wei said he and Wei Lian also wrote a song but gave up without giving it to Xiao Jie to take a look at it.

Afterward they talked about the experience of DJ, Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and A Wei haven't done it yet so only Wang Zi, Xiao Yu and Wei Lian talked about it. Funny things happened and it was amusing. So the talk ended with "Mi Mi Ji Di" being broadcast.

Part 1:
Part 2:

娛樂NP3 - 黑糖群俠傳殺青

Video of HTQXZ celebration as it's finished filming. Wang Zi talked about a kissing scene where Xiao Xun feeding Wang Zi medicine through the mouth.

That's hetic! But I'm excited about it, no wonder when I was translating the news it sounded a bit weird so there is another kissing scene. I heard Ya Tou said "Can this be aired?" when Wang Zi was talking about it. I hope this won't be cut like what they did with A Wei and Ya Tou 2nd kiss.

棒棒堂群俠傳 2008.09.30

I don't know how it's out already when it's suppose to be air tonight. But the truth is it's here!

They talked about the song Cang Jing Ge style, how it's their first time singing a song with Chinese traditional style.


This morning I just know that Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu was the host of a radio show yesterday. I miss out on it otherwise I could have recorded it but today it's the other 3 members.

9/29 - This is the recorded version of Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu as DJ host. It has Mi Mi Ji Di recorded very clear, it's only 9mins? That's short or is there another part that I'm missing?

I knew the above link isn't the whole thing, I found the whole thing. The file is quite big, 72MB.
You can download it here:

So many rock songs, I'm not a fan of rock but pop rock is fine for me. When they were broadcasting "It's my life" you can hear them singing some parts of it, I don't know whether if they forgot to turn off the mic or did that purposely but it was cute!

The call out was funny but it was a bit hard to listen as it's noisy, my ears was in pain because I had to turn it really high to hear it. It's funny how they all know it's live and a lot of people are listening to it.

9/30 - I missed the start of it so when I started listening they were broadcasting Cang Jing Ge. I like the songs they broadcast than yesterday because yesterday there's too much rock songs.

This one has a lot of Japanese songs so I think most of them were choosen my Xiao Jie as he likes listening to Japanese songs. But I like listening to Japanese songs so it's cool for me.

The call out, that girl they called was so hyper and crazy. I don't understand what she was saying no wonder Ao Quan wants to hang up on her.

I got excited when they broadcast "Noona, You're So Pretty" the song by SHINee, because currently I love this band so that's why I got excited.

The last person they called Andy ge and Andy ge was like "I'm Wang Zi". There was Mi Mi Ji Di and it was cute how they imitate Dennis.

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無敵青春克 2008.09.29 我是主打星

Li Quan is also in this episode as the host with Wei Lian.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

棒棒堂群俠傳 2008.09.29

棒棒堂群俠傳 is only 5mins, it's just a promotion thing they do for their upcoming OST album for HTQXZ. It's like the time when they did their promotion for the DVD concert. So practically they just promote their album and the what it comes in with for the limited edition. They talked about the 5 songs that is included in the album. Wang Zi also talked about the song he wrote.

娛樂np3 - Lollipop HTQXZ OST Promotion in MFBBT

Yay! I knew they would wear that outfit they wore in the MV to promote! It's going to be exciting. Ao Quan imitate A Liang and Eason it's gonna be funny!

MP3 Downloads

Okay in this post I will upload MP3 (only mp3) for people to download, you can also request MP3 but please post a comment here and not on the cbox as I sometimes I might miss it. It doesn't matter much to me but if you're the one who's requesting it you sure want me to upload it as soon as possible.

I usually upload the files using megaupload because I think it's the best one, but if you're having trouble with downloading the file or you don't know how to click here for the tutorial.

Mi Mi Ji Di (radio version) by Lollipop (Mediafire) (Megaupload)

Mi Mi Ji Di - by COLOR (Mediafire)
(I found COLOR's version of Mi Mi Ji Di, I don't if anyone knows but Mi Mi Ji Di is written by a band called COLOR. They uploaded it on their blog and I just downloaded it. The song is around 2mins something.)

Mi Mi Ji Di (Drama Rip) by Lollipop (Megupload) (Mediafire)

Cang Jing Ge (MV rip version) by Lollipop (Megaupload)

Cang Jing Ge (Radio Version Full & Clear) by Lollipop (Megaupload) (Mediafire)

Cang Jing Ge (Radio version Full but not clear) by Lollipop (Megaupload)

Cang Jing Ge (Drama ripped version) by Lollipop (Megaupload)

Dui Bu Qi (Drama ripped version) by Wang Zi (Megaupload)

Dui Bu Qi (Instrumental) Ripped from Wang Zi's wretch (Mediafire)


Amanda Zhou wretch photo album

Amanda Zhou who is acting as Tian Shan Tong Lao uploaded a few photos of her while filming HTQZX and it includes photos with A Wei and Wang Zi.


[News] Lollipop Xiao Jie teases his teacher

[2008-09-28] 3 years of not returning his old school, Xiao Jie first accomplish his old dream of climbing over the wall and skipping class. His biggest wish was to visit his English teacher Liang Qiu Mei, Mrs Liang saw Xiao Jie and said "So handsome! I have been watching MFBBT". Xiao Jie said students used to give him lunch so that he can teach them English, Mrs Liang was surprise to hear that and said "Too late to give him a warning now".

Xiao Jie said Mrs Liang influence him a lot in listening English, before going to Singapore Xiao Jie helped A Wei translate a lot of English he also said some funny things that happened during on the plane. The stewardess asked A Wei if he want "chicken" or "beef" and A Wei replied "I want kitchen". Xiao Jie immediately laughed and was glad that he develops a good understanding of English.

Although it's Xiao Jie favourite subject but sometimes he would sleep in class. He remember once there was a classmate slept during class and dewed a puddle of saliva he suddenly woke up and slam his hand on the puddle of saliva and it spatted on Xiao Jie. Right until now Xiao Jie is still angry about it. Mrs Liang also has a trick to against students who like sleeping in class and she demonstrated it while Xiao Jie was joking around on the side.

Xiao Jie who likes to play pretended to be a ninja and sneaked in the library, he was very different compared to now. Xiao Jie sighed and said he was called "Liao Jun" until the graduation. Flipping through the graduation booklet he especially pointed out the photos where he pretended to be a ninja.

In primary school Xiao Jie used to be in the batminton team, but once he's in high school he doesn't want to be sporty. Xiao Jie who’s hygienic hated playing basketball especially when you have contact with others so he becomes the president of the dancing club. The P.E. teacher said he used to ask Xiao Jie to play basketball but he would start dancing, while dancing he would say "Aren't I cool?" The P.E. teacher Mr Yang was passionate telling the students to take photos with their senior and autographs.

Translated by Choco-late

Wang Zi search for Princess Event

It probably have nothing to do with us oversea fans but some people might want to know about this. So EMI is now changed to Gold Typhoon, there's an Wang Zi search for Princess event.

The details are:
1st Round (online selection) 9/27 - 10/9 - Gold Typhoon will select 20 contestant online
2nd Round 10/11 - Taipei autograph event will select 10 out of the 20
3rd Round (final) 10/16 - From MFBBT show Wang Zi will select 3 contestant to filming a MV with him.

The criteria is 16-24 years old, first number of your ID must start with a "2". This one is funny, guys cannot crossdress as girls to enter the contest.

It didn't say what MV it will be so it might be Wang Zi's song Dui Bu Qi or maybe another artist song. But since they say the final will be held at MFBBT, I'm really happy because I can see Wang Zi again at MFBBT it's going to be fun!


哪里5打抗 2008.09.28 超強學生團體PK賽

This episode was more entertaining than the previous episodes maybe because there's performance unlike before.

All the performances was great except that Blue Roses? That performance was rather boring, I had no idea what they are trying to expressing. The Michael performance was cool, I was cracking up laughing when they were actually dancing towards it.

The drama play was more funny this time, they should go in this direction where they do parody of stuffs instead of doing random things like before. I still think if they fix up the script like make not that random then it would be better.

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黑糖群挾傳 - Ep10

I'm so excited for the next episode now after seeing the preview, although it's a bit sad to see it coming to an end.

So in this episode Ling Hu knows about Jian Ning likes Guo Jing and realize the world he thought wasn't as what he think it was. So he left Xi Chen, I think he left Xi Chen because of his power lost and not because of Jian Ling and Guo Jing. Jian Ning and Guo Jing blames themselves for Ling Hu leaving Xi Chen, all the others know about Jian Ling likes Guo Ning. Guo Jing was hated by the others and was bullied. Lu Xiao Shi sent Guo Jing to find Ling Hu and Jian Ning was locked up by her father.

Jian Ning knows Ying Ying likes Ling Hu and tells her to believe who she really likes before it's too late. Ying Ying realize that she cannot forget about Ling Hu and decided to go find Ling Hu. On the other hand after being taught by Ying Ying Xiao Long Nu had a deep thought about what's true love and realize she never had such experience before. Xiao Bao finally confessed his love to Xiao Long Nu at the fast food store, that part was really sweet.

Ying Ying left Xi Chen late at night to go find Ling Hu she was stopped by Lui Xiang. Ying Ying faces the truth and says who she really likes and cannot forget him. After searching for Ling Hu for half a month she finally saw Ling Hu drunk in front of a store. Ling Hu was changed into a different person and Ying Ying was upset to see Ling Hu being like that.

While sleeping on the street Guo Jing meet this lady and his blood almost got sucked by her. Guo Jing fainted after seeing her drinking the blood, he woke up and saw the nurse who lefted Xi Chen. Guo Jing meets Tian Shan Tong Lao who is one of the most powerful from the 4 schools.

Next episode Ao Quan will appear, from what I read from the summaries Ao Quan will be helping out Ying Ying and Ling Hu. Tian Shan Tong Lao will help Ling Hu to gain back his power and all the members were injured by Dong Fang Bu Bai.

Although Wang Zi appeared so less in this episode but man he's so hot in that top tank. He also acted really well in this part, he's improving!

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