Lollipop upcoming schedule

  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Lollipop棒棒堂 - (MV) 變身三分鐘

Another MV made from the concert footages, this is not the complete version it's only 59sec. I really want them to film a 'real' MV instead of using old footages to make one it's just pretty much similar to the 2 previous MV. But at least this time they had the behind the stage footages added in which is not that boring. I hope they don't make anymore of these type of MVs.

Wang Zi Wretch Photo Album Update 6/30

Wang Zi updated his wretch photo album again, that's good to know. Does that mean he's not as busy as before? Since he just updated it few days ago as he was really busy before where he didn't have much time to go online.

I love the 2 photos of him and Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu's expression is so cute! And Wang Zi is so cute posing with the fork.

[News] Lollipop as image representative for charity

[2008-06-30] Lollipop has been chosen to be the image representative for 羅慧夫顱顏基金會 "Life Style; Love Style". To get these 6 little kids settle Lollipop has sweated a lot, the most popular member Ao Quan could not "conquest" his partner which made him directly shouted "I'm done~~".

Yesterday Lollipop filmed the charity commercial together along with 6 little kids. Before the filming Lollipop tried to communicate with the little kids. Whatever Lollipop did the kids has no reaction, which made them all screamed "This is the hardest thing ever since we debuted".

Ao Quan who thought he would easily "conquest" his partner didn't thought that the little girl has no reaction whatever Ao Quan did. At the end Ao Quan drawed a cartoon version of her and kept on annoying her, the girl finally agree to take a photo with him.

For the others, A Wei had to show his magic tricks, pretend to be a toy which made his all sweaty. Xiao Yu spreading his father love by hugging the little boy and Wang Zi and his partner has a face of father & son.

On the 6th July they will held an charity event, there will be things for sale and Lollipop & the kids will do a catwalk and selling the limited t-shirts.

Translated by Choco-late

TOP IDOL magazine scans

I posted up a Yu Le MP3 video which is about them doing the photo shooting and these were the photos. That shirt of Wang Zi costs 10 thousand dollar as it was mention before, nothing really special but worth so much.

I love these photos so much, everyone looks so shuai. Out of the 3 costume I like the black, grey, white & black one more than the colourful and summer ones.

The interview is pretty cute, they all want to trick Xiao Jie by feeding him nuts and curry. Saying that Xiao Jie looks really cute when he's scared. But they would not dare to use snake to scare him.

Credit Xiao Bai (woo forum)

[News] For new drama, A Wei ran from day to night

[2008-06-14] Star TV new idol drama "Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuang" is currently in progress, one of the lead male actor A Wei is playing a humorous character which often will need to act ugly and stupid. Yesterday for a chasing car scene, A Wei started running from morning to night at the end he was really tan.

A Wei jokingly said he thought this character will be a challenging character so he worked really hard in getting this character. At the end this character need to show all the ugly side and need to work really hard. It's either tripped or chasing after buses, every time it's filming he would sweat a lot and afterward he would think "Am I doing a clown movie?"

In the drama A Wei will need to chasing after the bus as he's late to school, everyday he would chase after the bus and these days are really sunny. A Wei would start filming at 10am, as the speed of the bus and himself doesn't match A Wei had to re-run for a few times. His sweat is dripping but he doesn't want to stop the filming so after the director has called "cut" he would at least used up to 10 pieces of tissuse to wipe the sweat.

Maybe that A Wei did so many exericises so he had a bigger eating appetite, he would need to eat 2 lunchboxes in the afternoon. After eating he would need to run again. A Wei said "After filming I can enter running contest."

Source: 衛視中文台
Translated by Choco-late

What he's wearing in that photo is pretty funny, don't say that's how he's gonna wear in school? Thought they would have uniform. I can't wait for this drama, July come sooner please!

Wang Zi & Ao Quan Wretch Photo Album Update

Here Wang Zi photos update, he's so cute with the kids and the kids are so cute as well. It would be so cute if there's a photo of him being gathered by the little kids because he is Hai Zhi Wang. I love the two photos of him with the flute and the last photo his fringe is so long.

I won't be uploading Ao Quan's photos one by one like above otherwise it would take me forever. Ao Quan sure likes doing this, uploading a whole bunch of photos at once. I have zipped all the photos in one file and upload it.

I all these photos he uploaded, especially the magazine photos. And there's photos for Wang Zi's 19th birthday, by the looks of it I think they celebrate it in a K room. There's photos of Ao Quan's mother, I want to see Wang Zi's mother now they said they look alike.


Xiao Jie woo photo album

Didn't upload these before, the 4th photo of Xiao Jie looks so different so white. I guess other than Wang Zi who upload photos regularly no other member does. Although Ao Quan takes a lot of photos but sometimes he likes to upload a whole lot at once.