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模范棒棒堂 2008.07.30 超優夏日店花聯誼會

This episode is another love matching episode, sure thing is that all the didis were high but they weren't that high like usual. The girls aren't that pretty as well and the maid girl is weird I wonder if she had to act like that all the time but she looks cute.

Xiao Yu and Li Quan were the lucky ones in this episode, get chosen more than once. The 2nd girl who came out can't really dance, she's so stiff better work harder.
So only Xiao Yu and Li Quan matched at the end the other two girls picked Li Quan and Xiao Le. Wow Xiao Le gets chosen for the first time.

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[News] HTQXZ's rating low because of HTMQD

[2008-07-30] Last Saturday Star TV broadcast first episode of HTQXZ, audience and producer blames HTMQD for the low rating.

"Hei Tang" first series HTMQD ratings were low, too much characters which made it complicated also it's didi and meimei first drama. Therefore there's a low of audience thinks HTQXZ is be another failure drama after HTMQD.
The ratings for HTQXZ first episode was only 0.7, which loses to Fate to Love by far.

Yesterday Xiao Xun and Wang Zi was filming a scene where Xiao Xun lies down on Wang Zi's thighs and the filming lasted 14 hours. Wang Zi made almost 100 calls to promote his new drama but the rating was still low. Wang Zi expressed "Of course I'll be upset, but there will be more interesting scene later on in the show."

Translated by Choco-late

Wow, the worst has happened and how I thought this time they will get good ratings. HTQXZ was really good, all the audience who didn't watch it really missed out something really good. And I hate it how a lot of the Lollipop fans doesn't support this drama because it hasn't got their favorite member in it or because it's not GuiWang as before I have heard a lot of other comments on Baidu saying that. And I hate how this article said HTMQD made HTQXZ rating's low, yes HTMQD wasn't the best drama but it's not that bad to be called "crap" at least a lot of people know about Lollipop and HSHMM because of this drama. Also I've seen more crap dramas than HTMQD.

Well I hope people will realise that HTQXZ is a AWESOME drama.

Okay Andy ge replied on the thread saying that it's fake and I hope it is.

[News] Wang Zi as the hero saves Xiao Xun

[2008-07-29] Yesterday Wang Zi and Xiao Xun filming a scene where Wang Zi saves Xiao Xun from a bunch of gangsters. The whole atmosphere was very romantic and Wang Zi has kept his handsome image the whole way through. But when the director shouted "cut" he couldn't help but to tease Xiao Xun.

Translated by Choco-late

There's more on this article but I didn't translate it as it was about Xiao Xun. But it said that there's only 2 more episodes left for filming.

模范棒棒堂 2008.07.29 底迪拍戲甘苦談

Finally we get to see Lollipop back on the show, I miss them. And Wang Zi talked a lot in this episode probably because of the topic as he has acting experience.
This episode is interesting and funny.

A Ben's bag sure has everything, he sure is bored when he's filming. The wire hanging part is funny, Ya Gao is so scared when it's so low. Xiao Yu and A Wei part was so funny, especially A Wei.

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模范棒棒堂 2008.07.28 公主宅男闖關PK賽

This episode there's no Lollipop only Gong Zhu Bang and Jia Nan Shu, somehow I don't feel like watching it but I'll watch it some other time.

Finally watched it, I was only half watching and doing something else at the same time. All they did was play games like before. The games are kind of the same from Na Li Pa episodes.
I hope the next episode is good.

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Wang Zi wretch photo update 7/28

Wang Zi has once again updated his wretch photo album. I love the photos of him in the red shirt. Does anyone realizes that Wang Zi hardly take photos with Wei Lian?

[2008-07-28] Although 18th August is Leo Ku's birthday but during the day he will be at Beijing so yesterday Lollipop member's Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and Wei Lian celebrate his birthday early for him. The 3 of them gave him a Transformer figure and xiao jing ren hoping he would be a "super star" forever.

On the day Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and Wei Lian wore the KUBI tee that Leo Ku created, Leo was very happy and said "Thanks for wearing my son"

Although Ao Quan and them only know Leo for a year but it feels like they have known each other for a long time. Leo jokingly said "I started watching their show when I was young" Lollipop then said "It's us who watch Huan Zhu Ge Ge and Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng from young".

Lollipop knows Leo likes collecting toys/figure so they gave him 2 different toy/figure for his birthday. They also sang the birthday song together and immitate Leo's dance steps.

Source: 自由時報
Translated by Choco-late

Xiao Xun's wretch photo album - HTQXZ

This blog is really flooded with HTQXZ posts but we all like it, right?
Ok Xiao Xun uploaded some photos during HTQXZ filming. I really like the photo of her Xiao Xun and Xiao Yu, actually they look really good together.

HTQXZ Official Photos

It took me awhile to find these photos in official website, it sure was in a hidden place. The photos are nice and I guess I'm starting to like Wang Zi & Ya Tou together (not that I don't like GuiWang anymore, I'm still a GuiWang supporter)

The 2nd photo Wang Zi's expression is so adorable. Xiao Man and A Ben pairing, it seem like a funny pairing.

HTQXZ Official Website

Wang Zi wretch & woo photo album update - 7/27

Wang Zi uploaded more photos of HTQXZ, both wretch and woo photo album uploaded the same photos.
Gosh! My head is just all about HTQXZ after watching the first episode.