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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

TVB weekly + epops vol.150 Magazine Scans

TVB Weekly (HK Magazine)

This photos are from a TVB show called "fan hou gan" and Lollipop's episode will be broadcast on the 5th of April. I loved what Wang Zi wore on the show, it looks so nice on him.

epops vol.150 (Malaysia Magzine)

At the last two scans they made a mistake, they got Xiao Jie and Xiao Yu profile mixed up. In Wang Zi's profile after the name they had nickname and it's a nickname that I have never heard of which I find how they got that, is it real or was it just a mistake?TVB

Lollipop哪裡怕 2008.03.29 超激五小時

After a whole lot of PK challenges episodes and this episode, I wonder what happened to their original point of the show, which was to help out people. But I think the show is more to challenges for Lollipop. But whatever it is people who are watching this show just want to see Lollipop. As long as it's funny/interesting then it doesn't matter to me.

I wonder if they know about the details before hand or they knew while recording it. That mask guy from the TV looks like the dummy in Saw.

The part where they stacked up the chairs was funny, trying to trick them.
Xiao Yu is so smart, he sure knows where to find place to hide so those black guys can't find him. Ao Quan probably is the one who got caught the most.

The other 3 Wang Zi, Wei Lian and Xiao Yu were like watching a movie from above seeing the other 3 members getting torture and were laughing so hard. But they were so bored, Xiao Jie was sleeping, they were standing there doing nothing for 3 whole hours. And Wei Lian and Wang Zi looks like they want to get down there and play, so cute!

Xiao Yu, A Wei and Ao Quan are so cheeky. They cheated and swapped the paper so they are staying on the top. Wang Zi was so smart to find a place to hide but was busted by Xiao Jie. And then Wei Lian and Wang Zi both revenged and helped the black guys to catch Xiao Jie, it was funny how Wei Lian and Wang Zi both stacked up on Xiao Jie while pretending to be upset.

Next week episode is more torture. And it's even more worst, and I saw Wang Zi was like wanting to cry. Feels like why do they have to do this, I wonder what's the actually point of having this episode and the next episode.

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模范棒棒堂 2008.03.28 棒棒堂尚巧王II

2nd round of 尚巧王. Wang Zi wore his glasses again but his glasses is different from the previous episode, I liked this pair more.
It was a close match between Wang Zi and Wei Yu but at the end Wei Yu won which I didn't expect.

The first round, spot the difference. I only manage to spot the really obvious ones it was pretty hard especially when the videos is kind of blurry.

2nd round, A Wei was funny when he said he give handicap to this 'girl'. But Xiao Bing was really good with answering those two questions, he was so quick at it.

The 3rd round, the part where Wang Zi passed a question and Wei Yu returned the question back to Wang Zi, then Mao Di from behind said "See you in the forum" was funny, everyone laughed. When I was watching the preview I thought Wang Zi said it but it was Mao Di, just have to say their voice sounds so much a like.

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唯舞獨尊 - Lollipop's Photos

唯舞獨尊 is a online game and that's all I know. But the main point is there's photos of Lollipop on the website.

These photos are awesome! Especially like Wang Zi's individual photo. I don't know why I think A Wei's pose is weird, just doesn't look too natural to me.

東張西望 2008.03.28 棒棒堂香港專訪 + 遊車河

Just a little short interview on Lollipop from a Hong Kong media show 東張西望.
They sure know a lot about Hong Kong when the host pointed to place they could name it. And they were so cute, and the fans that were following them, so much!

Monday - Latest Issue

Monday's latest issue, the cover should be Lollipop I think.
I love these photos, especially the photos where they are sitting on the chair everyone was acting so cool except for Ao Quan.

Photos of Mao Di's are cute, I don't think he's the main actor in the movie but he sure is getting a lot of attention ever since he's been to Hong Kong and he has good compliments from the director which means he might get another movie.

Lollipop's scans

Mao Di's scans


模范棒棒堂 2008.03.27 底迪体验配音奇遇记

Xiao Zhong is funny, this is the first time I see him and he's very talented. Wang Zi for the first time this year wore glasses while filming. So cute! I think that's the glasses he wore for the glasses commercial.

When it was Wang Zi's turn for saying a sentence using different expression, I think it's Wei Lian who called out "Wang Zi love Gui Gui" and "I love Gui Gui" when they were thinking of what he should say. That was kind of random and Fanfan was asking why he should say that.
So it ended up the sentence being "Mao Di is more handsome than me"
His expression was so cute because he couldn't say it happily as it's not true to him. And Mao Di's expression was like speechless.

Han Jiang, Yea Shou and Xiao Bing lame joke part is the most funniest out of the other groups. Especially Xiao Bing he's so into his character.

Next episode is another 尚巧王 episode, and seeing the preview seem like Wang Zi lasted until the end again.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

3/28 Wang Zi's Photo Album Update

These are new photos from Wang Zi's wretch photo album. And he also updated his blog leaving a message the days in China.

YES Vol.889 + Monday Vol.390

YES Vol.889, Lollipop + Mao Di + 2nd group PK challenge

Features Lollipop autograph session in Hong Kong also Mao Di's interview. In Mao Di's interview it talks about his first movie and also about the 2nd PK challenge.

Monday Vol.390

In Rong Jia's interview she talked about 10 didis, it's funny how she said A Ben is like a mother in BBT and if A Ben is the mother then Terry is the father. So agree on that.