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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Wang Zi woo photo album updated, 8/31

The never ending photos of HTQXZ, Wang Zi uploaded more photos from HTQXZ.

One photo of the brothers! This photo is very nice I saw this photo on the video he made for the performance and was hoping to get a copy of the photo now he uploaded. This photo is really nice!

Monday Vol.413 + Yeah! Vol.328 cover

Monday Vol.413
This time the magazine finally feature A Ben and Xiao Man pairing, I really like this pairing they are really cute.

Credit OOLONGBO2 @ woo forum

Yeah! Vol.328
Only manage to find the cover of it, but the cover looks interesting enough to make me wanna buy the magazine. They look really hot in the cover, I hope I can find the inside pages.

黑糖群俠傳 - Ep06

The streaming links were tempting, at first I was thinking I wait until I download it but at the end I just watch it online. I don't know why it seem like there's lesser parts of Wang Zi now compared to the start. Just want to say that Wang Zi looks really cool with the long bangs, I love it. Although I like them short as well, anything looks good on him.

So yeah this episode not much went on, thought Wei Xiao Bao confess to Xiao Long Nu but it seem like it's the next episode. Ying Ying and Chu Liu Xiang are together now but I don't think they last long as in the preview for the next episode Ling Hu was hurt and almost died. I'm guessing he loses all his power is coming soon. Next episode would probably be a lot more interesting.

Xiao Long Nu and Wei Xiao Bao part was cute, no wonder on the website it said that Xiao Long Nu likes Chu Liu Xiang as Wei Xiao Bao said he's the little guy from long time ago. But I guess in the next episode Wei Xiao Bao will confess. In this episode we can see that Xiao Long Nu start to like Wei Xiao Bao a bit.

Somehow in this episode I feel that Jian Ning enjoy being with Guo Jing more than with Ling Hu and lots of Guo Jing scene where he learns kung fu with that guy. I'm looking forward to the next episode, hopes the story moves on a bit more.

I'm busy with my assignment now so I do the caps later maybe tomorrow or tonight when I finish my assignment.

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Xiao Xun Wretch Photo Album - HTQXZ

Xiao Xun uploaded some photos from HTQXZ, doesn't these photos look familiar?
A Wei also uploaded some of these photos taken on this day. There's some photos with only Xiao Xun or with Xiao Man which I didn't upload but you can look at it here:

模范棒棒堂 2008.08.29 棒棒堂二军征选名单公布 (下)

I'm not that excited since we all know who's got selected and not selected. But this is really the last episode of the first season, it just ended like that. I really had the urge to cry while watching it especially the part where the didi who didn't get chosen spoke. But I was holding it in at the end I didn't cry at all.

So it's the same as what the news said they will be debuting as a band, all of them had to learn one instrument if one fail they won't be debuting at all.

Next week is the 2nd season of MFBBT, hope everyone will still watch it.

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無敵青春克 2008.08.29 教你秀出迷人的POSE

2 models came as a guest, Liz and AnAn, teaching the shui shui how to pose in magazines. You can also learn how to pose nicely while watching it. Wei Lian is so funny especially the part where he have to expression the 4 different seasons and Kenji beside him telling him what to do.

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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.28 第一屆棒棒堂男孩畢業典禮結業式

I'm so surprise that I didn't cry when I was watching this episode, I had watery eyes but I didn't cry. In this episode Andy ge present all the graduating certificate to all the didis, even Xiao Le and Hu Ya who is still on the show. All the didis were like crying and Wang Zi cried so badly he was like hugging Andy ge for so long.

But yeah Fanfan was like trying to comfort everyone by not crying and cracking jokes. The last part where only Fanfan, Xiao Xiang, Rong Jia, Andy ge, Jun Yi jie and Da Mu left was funny as they sat in the didis' sit saying goodbye to the audience.

Right afterward it's the selection of the er jun, there was like over 100 people in the studio. Lollipop came on and Ao Quan brought Hu Ya in to let him have more screen shots, then they sang Wo Men Zhi Jian a song that present friendship.

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無敵青春克 2008.08.28 你也能成為TOP名模

This episode is quiet funny and good, at least it's a lot better than the previous episodes.
Probably because the previous episodes is the selection of the girls and the two host doesn't get much screen shots.

So this episode 2 models Emma and Rui Sha came to the show to teach the 水水how to do catwalks. Wei Lian and Kenji actually have a lot of shots and it's great because it's lesser boring this way. I love how they made fun of Rui Sha's Chinese and Wei Lian's catwalk is funny too. We actually did see an improvement on their hosting skills.

I thought of dropping it but maybe I will continue to watch it slowly.

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A Wei's wretch photo album updated

Don't know when did A Wei uploaded these photos but I just found them. Looks like they having so much fun during the filming. I especially like the last photo of Wang Zi fixing his hair.

Duo Duo's wretch photo album

Probably people don't normally check out Duo Duo's photo album he recently uploaded a whole lot of MFBBT photos, the last episode. There's like 100 photos so I'm not going to upload them all, I just uploaded the ones with Lollipop in it. If you want to see the others go to his photo album here:

Ya Tou woo photo album updated

Ya Tou updated her woo photo album, there's photo during HTQXZ and MFBBT last episode. I only uploaded photos with Lollipop if you want to see more photos just go to her photo album, there's a photo of her and Xiao Man kissing.