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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

About New Year Show + Greeting Videos

I know everyone is excited about the New Year Shows and lots of you want to know when it will be on. Well, let me tell you now.

Chinese New Year Show - 6th Feb 10pm - 1am
- Award Ceremony
- Love Match

1st Day of Chinese New Year Show - 7th Feb 10pm - 1am
- New Year PK Match
- New Year Celebration Drama

And on CHANNEL[V] Website they have the Meimeis and Didis who participated in the New Year Celebration Drama greeting videos.
Check it out here:
(Click on the photo to see each videos)
Just to let you know the videos didn't work when I use Firefox but works in IE7. If IE7 doesn't work then your computer is missing the Chinese reading program. Because they named the videos in Chinese which is a bad idea, and if your computer can't read Chinese it may not work for you.

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.30 楊宗緯VS棒棒堂

This episode will not have Lollipop but Fanfan is so cute and funny.


I really like this photo above, the photo look really dreamy and they are so sweet! I was going through Wang Zi and Gui Gui forum to look for this photo because I saw someone use it as their avatar.

Forgive my biasness ><"

Magazine Scan - New Year Show

I forgot where this was from but this talks about the new year show. Wang Zi got slap by Gui Gui during the show, poor thing!

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.29 超激爆料影片第二彈

This episode is pretty funny, i like the videos from Ao Quan and Wei Lian. Ao Quan's video is really well made and it was really funny.
Too bad the video quality is really bad.

I think the video is bad, but this is the cut out of Wang Zi and Ao Quan part:

Japanese Interviews

They did a interview for the Japanese media not so long ago (end of last year) and there's 5 parts to it. Here it is:

Concert Photos from FAYE's blog

These photos were posted on Faye's blog, I think Faye is the one who in charge for promotion. Other than photos there's also her feelings towards Lollipop's first concert but I can't be bother to translate it.
The costume on the last photo is so funny! I just can't help but to laugh at it.

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.28 棒棒堂RAP團體戰

Everyone performance in this episode is so good too bad the quality of the video is bad otherwise I could clearly read the lyrics of their rapping.

More concert photos + video

Thanks to I <3 BBT for the photos link, I have zip them up and uploaded it in one file so people don't have to download one by one because there's 76 photos in total.
Here's the link:
If you can't download it or having touble leave a comment, I can always upload it on another server.

哪裡怕演唱會 - Concert Photos + Report

All photos credit the forum fans for posting it up.
These are the photos that I could find so far, will post up more when I find more.
From these photos it looks like the opening costume was the black, red, blue, yellow, white one. To say the truth I don't it at all, it makes me think of Johnny's usual performance costume and what's with the blue thing on the pants.

From what I read from the forum and fans' comments who actually went was in the opening on the bottom stage 14 didis of MFBBT appear then Lollipop came from the top down on to the upper stage. The music first played was the opening dance music for MFBBT and then change to "YES". Afterward they started singing and dancing.

For their solo Ao Quan did a Michael Jackson dance, A Wei did a towel dance, Wang Zi dance and sang Arron Kwok's "對你愛不完" (Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan), Xiao Yu sang "You Make Me A Fool" while playing the guitar, Xiao Jie did a basketball + breaking dance, Wei Lian performed capoeira dance (the way I ordered is not the order they performed).

As for the guest performance, 14 didis split into 2 groups (the groups are said in MFBBT 2008.01.25). Not only memeis from HSH came to perform as well, they also split into 2 groups and had a dance PK. Afterward HSHMM performed singing and Hei Ren was also there.
So the number of guests was HSHMM(8)+14 Didis+8 Meimeis+Hei Ren = 31?

During the end Lollipop has the chance to expression their feelings to the audience, the scene was touching, Xiao Jie and Wang Zi was teary.

The concert hall was huge and although it wasn't filled up but 70% was filled up with audiences. I'm sure it will be filled up if everyone can attend to their concert because I know a lot of people who is like me who doesn't live in Taiwan.

That's all for now! Will continue updating about the concert when I find more about it. Hopefully there's footage soon to be seen.

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.25 棒棒堂要選二軍了 (下)

Another touching moment when A Ben performed his rapping. I must agree that he's one important didi in MFBBT without him the show might be a little dry.

But I'm kind of pissed because the last part of the show doesn't work!
And I want to know the result. But I read in the forum that it was a fake, they are planning to create a 2nd group.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

YES 1/14

Another magazine scan!

HSH + BBT Chinese New Year Show

I'm sure everyone is excited about the New Year show like me. This is probably the time we as fans can actually see meimeis and didis on show together.

Just a little information about the New Year show.

On the New Year's Eve special show Hei Ren, Da Ya, Rong Jia, Xiao Xiang and Xiao Mi will lead 20 meimeis and didis on the show. They will review the previous year and a award ceremony.
The types of award they will give out are "Best Background-er", "Alternative Singing Award", "Most Sacrifice Award" and a lot more.
Wen Zi and A Wei was PK-ing for the "Best Dancer Award" but somehow it everyone got really high and other meimei and didi started PK-ing each other which called a commotion. And A Wei's pants ripped again while breaking.

They will also have a HSH&BBT love match, it's a great chance for the didis and meimeis to gossip about each other. (I wonder if they will say anything about Wang Zi and Gui Gui?) And when asked who Xiao Ma likes he answer Xiao Man. Then Apple commented that Xiao Man was disappointed when she's not paired with Xiao Ma in "He Tang Lai Le".
Using a program they used A Wei and Wen Zi photos to see what their baby will look like.

On the first day after New Year show will hosted by Fanfan, Rong Jia and Henry. Meimeis and didis will perform a Red and White New Year PK Show. They will be mixed up and split into 2 groups, each of them will perform their talents such as singing, dancing or special talents.

And not forgetting the New Year play performed by HSH and BBT. They will perform a crackup comedy or random play, this is a must watch.

Isn't the New Year show tempting??

Monday Vol.382

Hong Kong magazine Monday Vol.382 features Lollipop playing with little kids.

The last photo was taken when they filmed the New Year show. Remeber last year New Year, HSHMM and BBT filmed a New Year comedy show? Yes this year they will be doing it again and I just can't wait for this to be broadcast because I can see Wang Zi and Gui Gui together again.

I read on the news that Wang Zi got hit/slapped by Gui Gui so badly that he lost his balance. Although it sounds slack to say that I want to see it but I have to admit I really do want to see it.

Lollipop "Na Li Pa" Album 2nd Edition

It was announced that Lollipop's first album "Na Li Pa" will release a 2nd edition during February.
Also this 2nd edition will include footages of the concert that was held in 1/26.

Even though I don't think anyone who visits here needs to know but on the concert day they will be selling the concert t-shirt and phone straps, it will be limited to 2000.

The t-shirt has the cartoon print on it and if you don't know what cartoon then take a look at their album cover. Also during the concert they will wear it.

I'm not really into Taiwanese groups before so I don't know if other groups sell concert t-shirts as well I can sure tell you it Japanese loves selling concert t-shirt and other merchandise.
Is this also a sign that Taiwanese likes to follow the Japanese trends?

夢想巴士 MV

Their 4th MV "Meng Xiang Ba Shi", I'm really disappointed in this one. Because the other 3 MVs seem like they put a lot of effort in it and this one seem really cheaply and quickly done. But I can understand it since it's towards their concert and they show be really busy about rehearsal. But if it's a cheaply done I rather they don't film it.

About the whole cartoon background I thought it was too kiddy and not so suitable for the song. I wouldn't mind if they do that in "Na Li Pa" MV but for "Meng Xiang Ba Shi" it would be much better if they film it outside with a real bus. Even if they were just driving around not do much, I would be satisfy with it.

But with this I'm not satisfy with it.
Also each of the member doesn't get a close shot and this time from the start to the end they were only wearing one costume.

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.24 棒棒堂2軍選拔才藝考察賽

This episode is so exciting, everyone has this nervous expression.
Mao Di and Wang Zi part right at the end was touching, I almost let my tears out.
And there's more to come as the other Didis has not performed yet.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

模范棒棒堂 2008.01.23 羅志祥又來了 誰會是他的PARTY BOY?

Yeah! Finally Fanfan is back on the show I've missed her so much! It was quiet empty without her.
Xiao Zhu is on the show again! This episode is definitely funny, it's always funny whenever he's on.
The videos stuff up a bit although it's quiet annoying but that's what I found so far.

It's so funny how Xiao Zhu always make fun of Fanfan, I was laughing so much when he tease Fanfan's hair.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

棒棒堂小巨蛋演唱會將登場 六棒加緊排練之餘不忘使出必殺技?!

Some photos of when Lollipop during their rehearsal for their upcoming concert.

This is a video link during the rehearsal. (It take a little while to load since it's vlog.)