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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

[Preview] 模范棒棒堂 2008.10.30 堂主演唱會特訓 六棒一起練舞功

Please lock in for tonight's MFBBT because we will see Lollipop appearing on the show! Right at the end of the episode they will show Fanfan's concert rehearsal, the part dancing with Lollipop. So which mean Lollipop will appear on the show.

This is the preview!

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無敵青春克 2008.10.30 秋冬最 IN 潮女選拔

I love this episode! Because you can learn a lot from it such as dressing and make-up. Such little things can make a big difference how you look.

In this episode shui shui will dress up what they think is "IN" in this winter, 2 judges will give opinions and changing them so they standout more or look better. I think this episode is useful for girls, you can learn little things in dressing and make-up which makes a big difference in how you look.

The one I like the most would probably be Milky, I like how she wore and after a bit of changes from the 2 judges she looks even better. But at the end Ning Ning won with her England school punky look.

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This is another voting poll for 2008 Xing Guang Da Dian. For the group nominees there's Lollipop and also Hey Girl.

This poll start on the 2008-10-30 until 2008-12-08.

So far the result is:

  • S.H.E - 5713 votes
  • Fahrenheit - 3026 votes
  • Mayday - 2862 votes
  • Lollipop - 1156 votes
  • Soda Green - 915 votes
  • Nan Quan Ma Ma - 750 votes
  • F4 - 548 votes
  • Hey Girl - 357 votes
There's two different ways in voting:
  1. QQ users
    Voting using with your QQ account go here:

  2. Non QQ users
    If you don't have a QQ account, go here: click on that orange button below the Lollipop photo.
This poll is limited to 1 IP address per vote, after 5 hours you can then vote again.
So hurry and vote!

A Wei videos update!

A Wei uploaded a few videos on his wretch page. It includes the video of the promotion new didis and some random videos of the time where they were filming MFBBT in that gym.

The videos aren't edit so it's in different angles and it's hard to see. But all they filmed was the flips they did.

無敵青春克 2008.10.29 Party Girl 日夜妝容大不同淘汰賽 (下)

wow! I'm starting to follow this show, they continued with the party girl topic and sadly in this episode they have to kick 5 shui shui out. But the photos they filmed did show a result that they do not deserve to continue on.

For the party girl photo shooting in first place we have Ben Bao and Vicki. Vicki was not able to come for the recording but she still got a high score from her photo shooting. I guess I'm starting to like Ben Bao, she's the only one who gives me a deep impression of her, like I remember who she is.

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Lollipop Magazines Update!

Some updates on Lollipop magazine scans. I'm all muddle up confused which magazine it really belongs to.

COLOR November Issue

COLOR October Issue
I've post these up before but the ones I posted up before are bad qualities which were taken by a camera and there's reflection of the flash. But these are the better quality ones.

FANS October Issue

From here onwards I'm not really sure what magazine they are from, like I said above. I found bits and pieces of it from Baidu.

Wang Zi is very cute doing the love sign with his arms.

The OST album event, Wei Lian was so man picked a fans who's heavier. When they were playing games he had to pick her up.

The three from HTQXZ, A Ben looks funny with the glasses. I wonder if there's more to it? The 2nd scan, the one where Wang Zi wearing suits it's the one that I have been searching for. But I forgot what magazine it was from.

Credit Baidu + + +

無敵青春克 2008.10.28 Party Girl 日夜妝容大不同淘汰賽 (上)

Elimination in this episode and their elimination will depend on their photo shooting of Party Girl, where they look different in day and night.

From what the photographer said all the shui shui didn't do good and he was having a hard time in choosing photos. The passing point is 15 if they don't get 15 or more they have a chance to get eliminated.

Not a lot of shui shui pass 15 most of them got 14. But there's more in the next episode, I wonder who will be eliminated?

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Wang Zi with Ah Liang & Eason!

These aren't new but I'm sure I didn't post them up because I don't want to just post 1 photo up only. First photo is with Eason and second photo is with Ah Liang, both photos are found in the new didis photo album.

The photo with Eason should be taken when Lollipop came to record MFBBT. The photo with Ah Liang by the looks of it should be the episode where they pick out the final girls for his MV.

10/28 Happy 1st anniversary!

No this is not the anniversary for Lollipop but for this BLOG! It's been 1 year already that I have manage this blog. 10/28 was my very first post of this blog and it was the time when I was truly a Lollipop fan, can't believe it I've been supporting Lollipop for a year now.

I want to thanks everyone for visiting this blog and leaving comments, the motivation in order for me to keep updating is "comments" so commenting is very important.

I'm not sure how many people have been reading this blog from the start until now, a few days ago I was reading my very first post and started thinking "Why did I even bother doing translating and posting video links?" Obviously my first intention of making this blog was just to express my love for Lollipop but I guess it's comments and seeing people visiting the blog makes me want to do more.

The drawing below is done by me, a present to everyone who came to this blog. Some might have seen it because I post it up on woo at Wang Zi's section.

You all might/might not know but I do keep a track of who came here and where they are from using web analytic to keep track. It's amazing to see so many visitors from different countries stepping in this blog. It also means, Lollipop is world wide known!

A screen cap of the world map, places with green means there's visitors who came from that country. The more greener it is means there's more people visiting the site from that country.

The top 5 countries are:
  1. Singapore
  2. United State
  3. Canada
  4. Malaysia
  5. Australia
I'm surprised to see fans coming from Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland, Panama etc.

48,219 visits came from 76 countries/territories

Once again THANK YOU FOR VISITING THIS BLOG! I hope there will be a 2nd, 3rd etc anniversary in the future!

東風娛樂通 2008.10.27 棒棒堂

Ao Quan and A Wei wasn't here on the show they are attending classes, so there's only 4 members. First off they went to eat in a place introduced by Wei Lian, afterward they went to Levis store. The owner of the store gave each member a pants. Jun Yi jie was there at the store too, Wang Zi was cute when he shouted "Jun Yi jie I need this..." They all pick out the jeans they like and tried it on. Xiao Jie gave this skirt to Wang Zi telling him to try it on because as we all know Wang Zi has beautiful legs. He took it and head towards the changing room but he was only joking, I would be hype up to see him actually change into that.

Then they head towards Xiao Gui's store AES. They did an introduction of the store, introducing some of the toys at the store and 2 limited edition tees.

On their way to another food store they saw Mao Di who just went to where they headed to. They all walk there and start eating again.

Tudou Links (uploaded by freetimevip7)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

無敵青春克 2008.10.27 超多變 日夜妝容大不同

This topic is that shui shui have to present to different characters, split up from day and night. For the outdoor activity Xiao Ma will there to host too, it's his first time on the show.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Tudou Links (uploaded by smile_wu)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

哪里5打抗 2008.10.26 WOO燈獎PK賽 連贏10週搏出道 & 辣妹說笑話大賽

This episode we have Wang Zi and Xiao Yu as guest.

I'm glad there's only 1 part which a draw again because it would annoying to see a lot of draws. Xiao Long I knew he would win against R Ling and he did. For the group dance, both group seem like they are prepared and the Dragon Ball group won which I thought their dance was more enjoyable than Street Soul. The kids section, this time both of the performance was a little disappointment and they cut out the part where Wang Zi dancing Cang Jing Ge with the kid. The last section special abilities part, because the previous winner 1 of the member had to go back to Malyasia so they forfeit. So it has new contestant and the yoyo guy won which we saw him on MFBBT.

They added a new thing, hot girl telling jokes. The jokes they said aren't funny at all and the 2 who passed was not funny at all. The Mao ge guy was even more funnier than these two. But Wang Zi was cute because he wasn't looking directly at one of the girl at first, I wonder what he was doing.

For the play part continue with the popular movie Cape No.7 and detective conan, this time Xiao Yu participated playing as Andy ge I wonder if next week there's Wang Zi in it.

No screen caps but here's one photo of Wang Zi with the little b-boy kid.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Tudou Links (uploaded by freetimevip7)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Marie Claire Voting

This is another voting for something (not really sure what for) but the main point is there's Lollipop. The bad thing for this voting is that you need to be a member, so if you're bother to register and vote for Lollipop, please do!

Vote now:


This is for TVB8 award songs voting, I was late on posting this but the vote have not end yet so we can still vote.

This award ceremony will be held on 7th December @ 7pm.
The online voting starts from 25th Oct 09:00 until 29th Oct 23:00 <--- This is according to Hong Kong time. Lollipop has 2 songs, "Wo Men Zhi Jian" and "Ai Qing Ma Qi Duo" which you can vote. But the voting system requires you to vote 10 songs in total, so you might also want to support Fanfan or Hey Girl as well.

For people who live in China you vote in these websites:

If you're from Malyasia go to this website to vote:

For other countries (such as Singapore or Australia) go here:

I'm not sure how many times can you vote but let's all vote for Lollipop so that they get an award, also one good thing is it doesn't require any registration which I hate.

For those people who can't read Chinese, I've screen printed the list of songs so you can see. Lollipop is no.3 and no.72

黑糖群俠傳 2008.10.25 90分鐘花絮

I'm currently downloading the video now so I'll put up screen caps once I have finish with it. I always love watching making or behind the scene it's really interesting. But maybe for this drama there's too much characters so they only show a bit of each character and there's some videos we've probably have seen before through the news.

The making was interesting it shows how much hard work they put in it, I was glad that the ratings went okay. When they were filming the last episode, the scene where everyone came it was Mei Mei's birthday and they all fooled her by saying they brought a puppy for her birthday present but the box was actually empty. Mei Mei was so cute getting all happy and they kept pushing her back to filming. At the end Wang Zi rolled his short sleeve up and I can see his muscle, he got muscle now! He should wear sleeveless next time and show off his muscles.

Too bad there wasn't Xiao Jie and Wei Lian scene included, they also didn't show footage of Fanfan as Dong Fang Bu Bai.

I actually cut down a lot of the screen caps because I capped a lot but I couldn't upload them all, so only pick a few.

Somehow I really like this part, the way how Wang Zi talk and act is just too cute!

The screen cap of where I said I can see Wang Zi's muscle! Well he does have a bit.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Tudou Links (uploaded by freetimevip7)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6