Lollipop upcoming schedule

  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Fan taken photos + videos of V POWER

Been browsing around woo to find decent photos of Lollipop at V POWER. They all really hot in red, I thought Wang Zi cut his hair not long ago but it's so long already.

Photos of Lollipop:

Photos of Ao Quan:
Photos of Wang Zi:
Photos of Xiao Yu:
Videos of Lollipop's performance (Credit Yating86):
These videos above are consider as good quality fancam, although it might be a bit shaky (because everyone is pushing and shoving) but at least it's close enough to see their faces clearly.

There's also Hey Girl and 7 Bang performances, so check it out!

A Wei's wretch photo album updated, 11/30

A Wei uploaded photos during they were at Singapore. Only posted the photos with Lollipop but if you want to grab the other ones you can go here you might see yourself amongst the bunch of fans!

Credit A Wei's wretch