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[News] Andy ge Wedding!

[2008-05-20] Yesterday was Andy ge's birthday he chosen this day to get married with his girlfriend Wang Yuan Yuan which they've been together for 20 years.

Lollipop & HSHMM together 14 of them were the brides man and bridesmaid of the wedding. Ao Quan and Wang Zi jokingly said that it feels like the Xing Guang Da Dao Award ceremony and was scared they were more handsome than the bridegroom.

As Andy ge and his father knows a lot of people, last night 77 tables were filled with guests. Andy ge's good friends including Jiro Wang, Will Pan, Kenji Wu, Hei Ren, Fanfan, Zhang Zhao Zi and etc. came to the wedding.

Lollipop & HSHMM for the first time being brides man and bridesmaid. Xiao Yu & Apple on the VCR were acting as the bridegroom & bride to bring out the romantic love but turned out to be an comedy act.

Source: 自由時報
Translated by Choco-late

This is really good news! Congratulation to Andy哥! A 20 years love relationship isn't easy and his wife was his high school friend.
Great choice in choosing Lollipop & HSHMM as the brides man & bridesmaid, from the 2 little small photos they all look really nice. Hopes there will be more photos and even a video of it!

Edit//: I saw this was posted up in the woo forum:
Don't know who is that girl in yellow is but she was at the wedding and took some photos with Fanfan, Hei Ren, Lollipop & HSHMM. There's a photo the wedding poster or something and it has the photo of Andy ge and his wife. Anyone who wants to see how the bride looks like there you go.

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Flo says
20 May 2008 at 10:50 am

Congratulation to Andy ge!!

cawaiixia says
15 June 2008 at 5:19 pm

the girl in yellow took pic with wangzi..
and wangzi even touch her....