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星當家之棒棒堂 - 星夢成真 2008.08.06

This video was filmed when Lollipop first time went to China but wasn't posted by anyone and since I just found it I should post it.

First they all introduced themselves and each members talked about the most successful thing they've done and another member would spurt that member's most afraid of what.
Wang Zi
most successful was that he learned hip hop dancing, Ao Quan said Wang Zi most afraid of is that no one attend their events and saying he's the promoter in the group.
Ao Quan most successful was he overcome his height phobia, Wei Lian said Ao Quan most afraid that the group didn't perform well.
Wei Lian most successul was he didn't make a mistake during his solo in the concert, Xiao Yu said Wei Lian's most afraid of is not able to eat.
Xiao Yu most successful was the saxaphone solo he did during the concert, A Wei said Xiao Yu most afraid is not being able to sleep.
A Wei most successful was the bungee jump and said the oldest and the youngest member failed to do it. Xiao Jie said A Wei most afraid is when there's no mask to use and saying he likes being pretty.
Xiao Jie most successful was that he wrote a ballad song since previously he only wrote fast songs. Xiao Jie thought he would be skipped but Wang Zi said Xiao Jie is afraid of a lot of things like snake, nuts etc

After the break it's back with a new topic, why Lollipop is popular?
Xiao Yu was the first to answer "Because we're handsome" The other members were laughing and saying "How dare you say that" and Wang Zi was like "A little". Wang Zi's answer was that because they appeal close to the audience on show and the games they play would probably be played by everyone. Xiao Jie's reply was natural, as they appeal natural and not afraid to do what they want. A Wei said he think most fans like them because of their personality and asked each member to do an expression to represent their personality.

After the break they talked about the show MFBBT, how they used to be competitors. Xiao Yu said when he first entered MFBBT there wasn't any competitors because not a lot of didis could sing well but later on more and more can sing which gives him the pressure. A Wei also said there wasn't any competitors but he said that when Wei Lian got in A Wei said "He looks pretty handsome" and Xiao Jie replied "Alright". Ao Quan said the competitor is yourself, to overcome yourself and improve yourself.

Then they talked about their first drama HTMQD and Hey Girl. During that time Hey Girl is also coming to China so Lollipop was giving them advises. Xiao Jie first said that the food are delicious and said during the filmed they run towards their lunches the quickest. They all said the one who runs the fastest is Mei Mei. Xiao Yu advise them to take notice of their safety and not be apart from each other during autograph sessions because the fans are very passion. A Wei advise them not to bring too many things but Xiao Jie said sometimes it can't be help because it's their stage costume. A Wei said as Hey Girl has more members if they bring a lot of things they'll find out that it's useless. Wei Lian said the most simple thing which is to bring their happy self to the fans.

At the end they ended the interview promotion their album and saying hope next time the fans will be passionate like this time.

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