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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

星當家 2009.01.14 棒棒堂上海作客

This was filmed when they were at Shanghai. Since they are promoting their HTQXZ album their first question was "Who is their favorite history heroes?" Ao Quan said Guang Yu some history guy from the three kingdom era. A Wei's history hero is Guo Jing his reason was because in HTQXZ his character is Guo Jing then he said a lot of things why he likes Guo Jing. Xiao Jie's favorite is Yang Guo saying other than he's strong most importantly he's also handsome. He said if he's acting as Yang Guo then Wei Lian can act as the eagle. Wei Lian's favorite is Zhang Wu Ji and the other started talking about Zhang Wu Ji's family. When it's Xiao Yu's turn he said "Bang Bang Tang" since he didn't say it with enough confident Xiao Jie made him say it again. Then he started saying the training before filming "Cang Jing Ge" MV. I think he said Lollipop because the next MV they are showing is "Cang Jing Ge".

Did I miss out on Wang Zi or did they cut him out? How come I didn't hear from him?

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