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[News] Fans unhappy with the voting result

"e 乐大赏" held a voting poll for 11 popular artists, groups. As the result was announced fans of Jam Hsiao and Fahrenheit complained and started a fight.

Other than fans of Jam Hsiao was not happy about the result, fans of Fahrenheit does not accept that Fahrenheit's popularity is below Lollipop. Online fan name kyrakyra said "Lollipop is nothing, anyone in Fahrenheit has a higher popularity of the 6 together in Lollipop!"zunfuren said "How is it possible that Fahrenheit lost to Lollipop?" They all spread the words to vote for their idol and to fight back.

Fahrenheit fans: It's impossible for Fahrenheit to lose to Lollipop in popularity! Telling fans to vote and do something for our idols.

The local Fahrenheit fans community administrator Vivian expressed "It's impossible that Fahrenheit's popular is below Lollipop." She expressed that Fahrenheit's votes are behind because most of the student fans just started school and is busy with studying. So a lot of fans can only vote during the night, also now parents would limit their online time so it's hard for them to vote.

As Vivian realise this issue is getting worse after the news got publicised, spreading the words from mouth telling the fans to vote.

Translated by Choco-late

I really don't like fans who complain because their idol didn't get this or come first etc. It just makes yourself look bad, so I hope all the Lollipop fans would just ignore it if you come across any Fahrenheit fans (or any other fans) scolding or say something bad about Lollipop. Fight cannot continue if it's one sided, if you ignore it then they'll finally get tired and would stop it.

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Anonymous says
22 January 2009 at 9:13 pm

i'm sry to all flh fans but this is kinda dumb. it's not like all bbt fans are adults and din't go to school anymore. but u hv to accept that they're losing. no offence. to all lollipop fans please vote more!

Anonymous says
10 March 2009 at 1:00 am

hey so where do you vote for this thing? i want to vote too...