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Channel[V] 特別秘密企劃 2009.01.26 狼牙棒

The story is simple Jun Yi (Wei Lian) is A Meng's (Ao Quan) ex-girlfriend they broke up and A Meng end up with Bao Mei (A Wei). Jun Yi couldn't accept it so she kidnap Bao Mei, A Meng is trying to save Bao Mei but he have to fight through all those assassins (A Wei).

The funny parts were A Wei and Wei Lian cross dressing as a women but the whole thing mainly focus on fighting. If no one told me that they filmed it by themselves I would thought it's some other experienced directors. It's really well filmed, cut and sound effects. Even my mother who was beside me watching it says it's really well filmed.

At the end they had "To be continue..." I hope there's really more of it, since A Wei and Ao Quan have this kind of talent Channel[V] should give them more chance to show their work. Hope next time the other 3 can be in it.

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