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流行音樂節 2009.01.02 棒棒堂

This is a China Shen Zhen TV show, Lollipop played games with the fans and sang a couple of their songs.

The part 1 they played a song game, the girls sings China's cultural songs while Lollipop sings Taiwanese's cultural songs. I only find Lollipop's group singing one was cute and they have action as well.

The 2nd game they played was funny, the 2 host was teaching them some Beijing slang. First they had to read them out then guess the meaning. They had the first and 2nd one wrong and to the third they got the hang of Beijing accents.

Wang Zi and A Wei showed a bit of their sword and numchucker skills. It was funny how A Wei kept hitting Wei Lian with the numchucker.

After singing "Cang Jing Ge" the show ended with fireworks. Wang Zi and Ao Quan was so cute at the end when Wang Zi found the camera was shooting at him.

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