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[News] Lollipop eats seafood for their family reunion dinner

[2009-01-25] Nian 30 is where people eat family reunion dinner, Lollipop usually work separately since they are together they took the chance to eat New Year dinner together. But unfortunately where ever they go they are surrounded by fans so at the end they brought a lot of seafood and crabs to celebrate. Members Wei Lian, A Wei and Xiao Yu zodiac is ox they are all turning 24 years old. They joking said Lollipop is the family of ox, working all day and night. It is rare they get a week break, they were so happy. Ao Quan, Wang Zi and Wei Lian can take the chance going back to Tai Zhong to visit their family.

When talked about New Year wish Xiao Yu hope he could smoothly graduate and get into institution. A Wei jokingly said “I hope my singing skills improve so that during the Hong Kong concert I can sing with Wei Lian.” Wang Zi and Ao Quan who cares about fans the most wish they could release a Cantonese song so they’ll close the distance with the Hong Kong fans. Xiao Jie just wishes Lollipop keep on working hard and to get a name in the Asia group.

Translated by Choco-late

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