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[News] Wang Zi apologised for a fan's remark

[2009-01-21] Yesterday a Japanese reporter received news from a reader that a female who claims herself as a fan of Lollipop who is currently studying at Taipei posted a post on her blog scolding Johnny’s Jr groups. As a result it caused the Johnny’s fans and Lollipop’s fans fighting together. To avoid the problem getting worst Lollipop member Wang Zi apologised to the Johnny’s fans on his blog. Yesterday reporters contacted Lollipop’s manager Ao Jun Yi, she expressed that she doesn’t wish this issue to become any worse, telling the fans to be sensible and hoping this issue will settle down.

Translated by Choco-late

I thought it was weird that Wang Zi apologised to the Johnny's fans on his blog, so something like this happened. As a fan of any artist we shouldn't scold any other artists publicly even if you don't like them. Hope this issue will settle soon.

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