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[News] Wei Lian's absent to take care of his father

[2009-01-17] Lollipop member Wei Lian recently has been taking care of his father as he’s undergoing cancer treatment. He have been absent from his work and will resume after the New Year.

Recently Lollipop’s recording and work Wei Lian have been absent, the reason behind his absent was that he had to go back to Tai Zhong to take care of his father. Channel[V]’s director Andy expressed that Wei Lian’s father notice he had cancer last year recently he’s been going through treatment. As Wei Lian is the only son he has and to avoid the problem of going back and forth from Tai Zhong and Taipei, he took the chance of this time where Lollipop is less busy to take care of his father. After the New Year he will resume all his work and prepare for Lollipop’s album and concert.

Ao Quan expressed that the other members and himself brought their parents along to visit Wei Lian and his father. He said that Wei Lian looks very down and hope they can give him some their supports.

Translated by Choco-late

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