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[News] Existed the wrong exist in the airport

[2008-12-31] Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop arrived at Hong Kong on the 31st December for the New Year’s Eve countdown event. As the 6 of them hurried came to Hong Kong and they aren’t familiar with the place they went to the wrong exist. After walking a big hoop they finally met back staffs.

Every time Lollipop arrives to Hong Kong a lot of fans will be there to welcome them which made the airport crowded. Although on the 31st there is obviously lesser fans but the fans were still passionate in welcoming them.

According to why there are lesser fans at the airport this is due the countdown event, as many fans are there to get a great seat for the event.

Arriving at Hong Kong again Lollipop expressed that they are happy to be able to countdown with the fans. For their New Year wish they wish they could work hard with the fans.

Translated by Choco-late

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