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881 Radio Show 2009.01.17

Lollipop on radio show again. There's only 5 members who went on the show I guess Xiao Yu is the one missing.

Then they started talking their most happy thing happened in 2008. Wei Lian is it's the concert at Xiao Ju Dan. Ao Quan is the movie that he filmed. A Wei said he's happy that he did hosting for a show but the most happiest thing is filming HTQXZ. Wang Zi said there's lots of things such as filming a movie, HTQXZ and his solo song. The host then asked are they happy with their performances in 2008. Ao Quan replied that if 100 is full mark then they give themselves 75, he then jokingly said the other 25 marks is minise from Wei Lian Xiao Yu etc. Wei Lian admits he minise the 5 marks, Ao Quan then said everyone did their best and hope Lollipop will improve a lot more compared in 2008. The host then ended the topic hoping that Lollipop can get 90 marks for 2009.

The host asked about their 2009 concert at Hong Kong, Wei Lian said it's their 2009 challenge and was laughed by the others because he said "challenge" incorrectly. A Wei then said Hong Guang is a place where lots of super stars opened their concert and couldn't believe Lollipop can open a concert there. Afterward the others were still laughing at Wei Lian's incorrect saying of "challenge".

The host asked about their peparation for the concert, Xiao Jie replied that at the moment it is a secret. Saying this concert is adapted to their 2nd album and will be different from their usual style, music and dancing will be better. Ao Quan, Wei Lian and A Wei hopes to participate in composing something. A Wei added that their company wishes them to build their body up for the concert and album.

The host asked since they been to Hong Kong a lot of times, do they discover anything new every time they are here? A Wei replied that they like to eat and this time they got to eat a lot more delicious food and desert. Wei Lian said they got more daring in eating at restruants and doesn't matter if fans are looking. They said the fans behaved better this time and were able to eat along with them at restruants.

Back to the concert topic the host asked last year's concert is there any inspiration. Xiao Jie replied that the concert last year was the most freaky thing and they are so happy that 2009 they can open a concert a Hong Kong, hoping that this year concert will be a lot more interesting than last year's concert giving people the feeling that Lollipop is always improving. Also mention that Lollipop will take part in the peparation and ideas. The question here I couldn't hear properly but I guess it's related to challenges.
A Wei said during their Taipei concert each member did a solo as a challenge, since he's good at dancing but in the concert he challenged playing the piano. Wang Zi say in the concert last year he did a dance solo which is his challenge. Ao Quan is similar to A Wei which is also good at singing but he challenged the drums and said it's hard since he never touched instruments. Wei Lian challenge a type of dance since he has problem with his tempo. Xiao Jie is electric guitar, and hope next time they can challenge non-stop singing and dancing.

They started talking about the song "Mi Mi Ji Di" and say this song is about Lollipop themselves. Their mi mi ji di is their home and the host was surprised that they are living together. The host asked if they fight together when they live together, A Wei said at first they would but since after living together for 2 years they have good chemistry. Wei Lian said he's getting bored of everyone. The host ask if Ao Quan take care of everything since he's the leader but the others say he only have the name the one who take care of everything is A Wei.

The host asked since they all live together do they usually have meetings and discussion at home? They all replied they would, Wei Lian said their living room is big so they would use it as their dance practice studio. Wang Zi said they usually talk outside like discuss while eating dinner. They said they would usually have 1 meeting once a month. Then the topic goes to Lollipop's friendship, they all said that their friendship is up to a point where it cannot be better. They jokingly said even though Xiao Yu is not here with us but they would feel his soul is here. Wei Lian said he's scared that their friendship will turn out to love, as everyone is always together.

This time they are here for countdown the next time might be for the concert but Wang Zi might be here for the movie "Ai Dao Di".

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