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我愛黑澀棒棒堂 2009.01.26 偶像劇大集合

This is the drama part of the show. Overall I thought last year was better as this year there's too many people and there's always a little break in between. Anyways it was fun to watch just that as there's a lot of people so everyone had so little parts. It was much better when Hei Ren start appearing back in the filming because he's like the one who can only control all the didis and mei meis.

It would be better if the "Red Cliff" group changed to something else because everyone was wearing modern clothing while they were the only one wearing the olden era clothes. The guys should have did a bit more teasing because it's funny to see the girls getting out of control. Just like how someone was teasing Xiao Xun and A Ben teasing Gui Gui.

When everyone appeared and Hei Ren started handing out red pocket, all of them started playing games. So the rest of the time spent was playing games and punishment which is drawing on each other faces. Hei Ren does come up with funny and childish things, like tracing Tang Guo's hand on Xiao Xun's face, it came out pretty cool.

So it ended with everyone saying a New Year wish.

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