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[News] Lollipop arrived at Hong Kong for CNY greeting

[2009-01-29] Popular idol group Lollipop came to Hong Kong last year and attracted a bunch of loyal fans. Every time they appear in Hong Kong it will create a commotion. The year of ox came Lollipop wish their popularity will continue to be high and their career will be smooth. Lollipop handmade windmill and wrote their New Year wishes, they also greeted the Hong Kong fans.

Lollipop members Wang Zi, Ao Quan, Wei Lian, Xiao Jie and A Wei thanked the Hong Kong fans for their supports; they came all the way to Hong Kong to greet the fans. Although one member Xiao Yu had to stay in Taiwan for his exams but the 5 members came with a happy mood. When they see the martials for making a windmill it reminded them their school days, handcraft is not a problem for Lollipop.

Lollipop is not a group that can only sing and dance, 5 of them also have a different side of them. During the interview day Lollipop actually was busy the whole time but their passion during the interview did not decrease. Amongst all Ao Quan likes to joke around which made the other members high as well, everyone talking together and was very happy.

Chinese New Year is important to Lollipop, although ever since they debuted they would still find the time to spend time with their family. Xiao Jie said “Our family must gather together during Chinese New Year, Taiwanese people like to eat hotpot in Chinese New Year.” Ao Quan and Wang Zi said “New Year foods there are fish, meat, soup etc…” Xiao Jie added “Also you forgot chang shou mian, hua jiao. These are also food Taiwanese people eats.”

Taiwanese tradition, once they’re an adult and started working they need to hand out red pocket. Lollipop is no different; ever since Xiao Jie debuted his cousins would ask him for red pockets. But the happiest thing is to hang out with relatives and gamble a bit. He said “When I was young I like to tag along with my mother for CNY greeting because I can get red pockets. The worst is that my mother doesn’t allow me to receive big red pocket, either give it back or give to my mother.”

A Wei remembered that he received $2000 (HK) red pocket money the most and Ao Quan have received $10,000 (HK) red pocket money. So what they do with the money? He said “Mostly it’s taken away by my mom to invest on stocks.” Xiao Jie said “That happened to me as well, the money was taken away from my mom saying she’s saving it for me but at the end she spent it all. But now I’ve debuted, earning money by myself I would give a big red pocket to thank my mom.”

Wang Zi has also received $10,000 (HK) red pocket money before from his grandparents. But at the end was taken by his mom to pay for his school fees. Wang Zi and Wei Lian said they used the red pocket money to buy new clothes and watch movies and would not waste money. When asked if they’ll use the money to woo girls the 5 laughed and said “Yes, will invite girls to eat and sometimes will success.” Ever since the 5 of them debuted they have been really busy so they don’t have the time to meet girls. Their 2009 wish other than their Hong Kong concert success they also wish to find a girlfriend each.

Translated by Choco-late

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