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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

LolliSub Team, who wants to join?

Yes I am creating a Lollipop subbing team name "LolliSub", this is totally a fansub group to spread the love for Lollipop to other fans which doesn't understand Chinese or doesn't understand Chinese fully.

For LolliSub to actually last I need a few helpers. If you are interested in helping out and willing to spend a bit of your own time, please email me:

The requirements is simple you don't need any experience (because I don't have experience as well) as long as you fully understand Chinese and have the skills to translate it in English that will be fine, also you have to be die hard Lollipop fan.

For people who doesn't understands Chinese at all but know another language (such as Germany, Thai etc.) and is interested to help out subbing the English into another language, you are welcome to join as well.

Just to mention that only I can have control of the youtube channel (so I have to upload everything) because I used my Google account to open it and if I spread my account out which means my gmail is exposed out.

First subbed video is "Lang Ya Bang", can be view here.

Thanks to all the people who email me, just within a short time I received lots of emails with people who are willing to help.

At the moment we have 4 Chinese to English translator (excluding me) and 1 English to Indonesia translator. There's also a few more who is willing to do Chinese to English translating so I just want to announce that the places for Chinese to English translator is FULL. But if the group expands or if any of the subbers cannot continue the work I will post another announcement for anyone who's willing to help.

There is still space for people who can translate into another language other than English.

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