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我愛黑澀棒棒堂 2009.01.26 誰是你的異性好友

This part is just the best friend part. I think it's not that fun because the meimeis and didis are actually not that close to each other and they only gather together if they cooperate or for the New Year show.

The only major point in this part was the love triangle between Wang Zi, Xiao Xun and Gui Gui. Other than that all the other parts were quite boring. But luckily Ao Quan started off saying something interesting and daring, like he still thinks of Da Ya and every time in Hey Girl's interview when asked for Lollipop members he always look forward to her choosing him but gets disappointed when she choose A Wei instead.

The GuiWangXun part was the best part of the show as there's more to talk about. But it also looked like some fanservice where it's setted by Channel[V] because otherwise there's no bao dian. When I said that it's setted by Channel[V] I don't mean that the things aren't real just that it seem like they were told to say it out on the show. But I'm still happy they did that because I didn't thought they would even say anything about Gui Gui and Wang Zi.

You can see how the atmosphere became a bit dead after WangXun pairing ended their game, all the pairings came out is either answer 1 question only or none. This just shows how unclose they are also I think they cut some parts out like other didis or meimeis didn't get to reveal their answers.

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