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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

香港電台 "尋常事。認真做" 2009-02-07 棒棒堂

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This is a Hong Kong radio interview and Xiao Yu is not present. At first they mostly talked about the filming of HTQXZ and the fun things that happened during the filming. Afterward the host asked about MFBBT, Lollipop replied that they really miss the show and requested Andy ge for make another show for them or them going back on the show if the ratings isn't good.

It's funny how they interview the host back and they stopped the interview after A Wei asked how old the host is. Later on they talked about 7bang, they all pushed the question to Wang Zi as he's the brother of Mao Di.

Lastly they talked about HTQXZ album and firstly the host asked Wang Zi's solo song. As usual Wang Zi talked about his song and the host asked what happen if that female fan who hugged him from the MV was annoying him will he get pissed? Wang Zi jokingly said no because Wei Lian would save him. The host then asked the other members about what Wang Zi looks like when he is pissed? They all saying how he looked very feirce when scolding Mao Di.

After broadcasting "Dui Bu Qi" the show ended and seem like there's more of Lollipop next time with phone calling from fans.

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