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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

星空八爪娛 209.02.26 棒棒堂廣洲行 廣州行48小時

They only showed Ao Quan's and Wang Zi's surprise visit, I think the other members would be showed another day. Anyways, both of them were so cute. Wang Zi said he was about to take off his pants and was lucky he didn't do that. Then they started promoting HTQXZ and even showed us that they're watching Xing Xong's channel at the moment. I bet Wang Zi is just waiting for HTQXZ's CM so he could see himself.

Wang Zi was listening to "Cang Jing Ge" and both of them started dancing to the dance. Afterward they both showed their luggage, Wang Zi saying that Ao Quan is older so he has a bigger luggage bag. The first thing they pulled out was their red underpants. Ao Quan said every time they go overseas they will bring red underpants because this will make them popular. Then both of them started to compare who has a better taste in underpants.

Ao Quan explained that their room is like a internet bar, Ao Quan showed his newest production which is the new MFBBT commercial. Ao Quan mention that he usually paired up with A Wei for rooms but why Wang Zi this time? He explained because lately they are making a new movie so both of them are writting the scripts. They said in their room they hided something telling the Xing Xong's staff to find, it as a photo of them two with their signature.

They were so cute in this video, I can't wait to see the other member's surprise visit.

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