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模范棒棒堂 2009.02.23 三軍選拔 向學長致敬 (上)

Last night episode it's the continue of the San Jun selection PK challenge, this time the didis were told to re-perform their senior's classic performances.

In this episode Xiao Jie and Ao Quan appeared during the episode where they were teaching Hu Ya and Ah Liang their classic performance.

First performance in the show was Jian Tu, he's doing Wang Zi's 3rd elimination kung fu dance performance. When I first saw that performance I thought it was pretty easy but seeing Jian Tu's practice video, at that time Wang Zi must have practiced a lot as the music is pretty quick.

Next up was Hu Ya performing Xiao Jie's famous basketball dance that he performed in the 3rd elimination round and concert. Although Hu Ya is really good at dancing but he still couldn't grab a hold of some moves with the ball. So at the end he went and asked Xiao Jie to teach him, he also pointed out that the ball you use should have grips so that it won't round around too much. Hu Ya's performance was great as usual, Fanfan teared after seeing his performance. All 3 judges praised him and said he's ready.

Next performance was Xiao Bang and ABC doing Xiao Lu's and Yea Shou's graduation performance. It was their first time cooperating together and they had problems during their first practice. So at the end they went and asked Xiao Lu's help.

Afterward it was Ah Liang's turn, he's going to perform a classic classic performance from Ao Quan, which is "Michael Ao Quan" that he performed in the concert. As he got trouble with how to express the feel he went and asked Ao Quan for help. Ao Quan taught his the correct way of the Michael's step such as how to do the grabbing which doesn't look perverted and the walking step. At the end Ao Quan gave his Michael hat that he wore to Ah Liang hoping it will give him some power.

The episode ended with Ah Liang's practice video, so next episode it will show his performance. Next episode will also have a bit of Ao Quan as Wan Zi is doing Ao Quan's Dragonal Ball Z performance. Also I wonder if Wang Zi is going to appear in the show as Ah Jie and Xia En is performing Wang Zi's and Mao Di's graduation performance.

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