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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

香港電台 "尋常事。認真做" 2009-02-14 棒棒堂

Continue from the preview week, Lollipop is feature on this radio show again.

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Firstly the host asked if other members want to sing a solo song or write a song themselves, Ao Quan replied for their new album he wish that the 6 of them will put in their own creativity as before it was mostly Xiao Jie, Wang Zi and Xiao Yu. Then Wang Zi was saying how they are currently going in the mature style but cute names like duoduo, bubu is also good for song titles. A Wei continues saying how in their new album every will participate and improve, also company wishes them to train their bodies to express a different style and again A Wei has to mention Ao Quan's age. The host asked "will you guys strip?", A Wei replied that if it's needed then they take it off. The host seem excited about and ask if they'll get wet like Rain, Ao Quan just replied "Please look forward to it."

The host asked A Wei about him playing the piano and if he can perform now. A Wei said he's interested in it after learning it then Wei Lian said that he can't play a whole song straight and how once he sang and A Wei playing he was waiting for A Wei to play the next note.
The host asked the other members if they have learned any new talents. Ao Quan said he learned a bit of beat box, the host thought Ao Quan already know how to. Ao Quan immediately showed a bit of his beat box and the other members helped him. Wei Lian was pushed to do a solo of the beat box as the host found out that Wei Lian only have the looks of beat boxing but there's no sound.

The topic then moved on to Ao Quan's and A Wei's movie "Re Xue Tong Meng". They talked about the training and things that happened during the filming. The host asked if they have imagine having a kissing scene or sex scene with Theresa, Ao Quan said the movie is basically on martial art and not much on romance.

The next question was what makes you awake, Wang Zi said he would talk about old memories like during school.

After the short break the host asked their 2009 plan. Xiao Jie said they will release a album and will release around June/July. The host asked about their Hong Kong concert and they confirmed that it will be around July time. The host seem excited and wanted to sing "Dui Bu Qi" with them.

As it's Valentine day the host asked about their past Valentine day. Each members talked about their Valentine day experiences. Wei Lian's story was funny as he invited his girlfriend to eat a very cheap food in Taiwan. A Wei then commented something romantic about Valentine day which he sounds very experienced. Once again A Wei got betrayed by his members to perform his whiny voice.

Finally it's the call in section, the loser have to call out and say "Happy Valentine time". A Wei and Xiao Jie lost. Then A Wei and that fan started the conversation, A Wei requested the fan to "Chu~" to him. The 2nd fan was a guy also called A Wei, they started the conversation. It's funny how the other members said "kiss" and "chu~" which was so funny.

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