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模范棒棒堂 2009.02.17 三軍選拔學長學弟PK賽 (下)

Continue from the previous episode with the PK challenges.

Xiao Bang VS Wang Zi
Another singing and dancing PK, Xiao Bang performed a really old song which I have recently heard of but it was a fun performance. It's funny how Wang Zi, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie were dancing at the back when Xiao Bang was performing. Wang Zi and the two dancers (Ao Quan & Xiao Jie) performed "Cang Jing Ge". Scoring was Wang Zi got 17 and Xiao Bang got 12.

Xia En VS Xiao Ma
Poppin PK, Xia En did pretty good I was surprise he could pop. If only he prepare a bit more he would have beaten Xiao Ma. Xiao Ma's performance was funny, he kept on flicking his bangs.
Scoring was Xiao Ma got 16 and Xia En got 16, the first didi who get to sit back down.

Hu Ya VS Wei Yu
LA Street jazz PK, a dance style that I recently love, finally Hu Ya and Wei Yu dancing something different. Both performance was great but Wei Yu's performance was more completed. Scoring was Wei Yu got 19 and Hu Ya got 15.

Xiao Chun VS Xiao Jie
Comtempary mix with breaking PK, Xiao Chun actually got potiental in trying other different style as I thought he did pretty good in breaking. Xiao Jie's performance was a hard-to-understand performance. But it was cool, I was mostly attracted to his makeup. Scoring was Xiao Jie got 18 and Xiao Chun got 13.

Ah Liang VS Ao Quan
2nd season class leader VS 1st season class leader, Ah Liang was shock that he's challenging Ao Quan. Ah Liang's performance was alright, but Ao Quan's performance was a bit provoking. In the start he imitated Ah Liang's and Hu Ya's 3rd elimination round performance where Ah Liang forgot his steps, then continues to imitate Ah Liang's dancing. After that something we've seen a lot of times but never would get tiried of it was his "Michael Ao Quan" dance.
The scoring was Ao Quan got 21 and Ah Liang got 16.

Jian Tu VS Li Quan
Ballroom dance PK, I was wondering why Li Quan is not up yet as previously Ah Liang said they got no challenger. Since Jian Tu has a partner Li Quan's partner is Gui Gui. Li Quan is so shuai when dancing ballroom, the performance was fun and nice to watch. The scoring was Li Quan & Gui Gui got 20, another full score performance and Jian Tu got 12.

So at the end only Xia En manage to stay behind while all the rest got defeated by the seniors. Next episode they will announce the result of this PK challenge and soon or later they will announce the 2 selected members of 3jun.

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