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[News] Guang Zhou's surprise visit, Xiao Jie A Wei was embarrassed

[2009-02-26] Taiwanese popular group Lollipop filmed a special episode for Guang Zhou Xing Xong, the host wanted to reveal what Lollipop is like privately so had a surprise visit to Lollipop’s room. Out of the 5 Xiao Jie and A Wei was embarrassed as they were wearing a bathrobe. A Wei screamed “I don’t want to see anyone anymore!” The two who says they are the geek group, Wang Zi and Ao Quan, were advertising the show because Ao Quan’s new production will release soon.

During the surprise visit Xiao Jie and A Wei were getting ready to sleep, Xiao Jie was wearing a bathrobe and eating a banana, he was laughed by Ao Quan saying “Fans’ imagination will disappear after they watched this show.” A Wei who is same room as Xiao Jie hided under the blanket, Ao Quan immediately jumped onto A Wei which made him awake screaming. A Wei’s messed hair was filmed by the camera and screamed “I don’t want to anyone anymore!”

Wang Zi and Ao Quan who says they are the geek group as Ao Quan has been obsessed with filming and editing clips. They let the filming crew see a bit of his production and especially announced that fans need to look out for this show. Wang Zi who never will forget to bring his notebook said “For overseas promotion notebook is a must bring item as I can conveniently play songs to practice dancing.” They immediately played one of their new songs “Cang Jing Ge”.

The last person was Xiao Yu, the 4 of them went charging in Xiao Yu’s room. In Xiao Yu’s bag they found a calculator and his bank statements, they found it strange then Xiao Yu explained that he’s cares about his studies so much that he needs to bring a calculator so he can study anytime. But no one cared about what Xiao Yu said. For the bank statements Xiao Yu jokingly said “Money that I saved is used when I’m getting married, so I have to carry it with me.” This made the other members laughing at him.

Then Xiao Yu was asked why he’s alone in a room? Xiao Yu showed a sad face and said “Because I was left out by the other members.” This answer was unsatisfied by the other members, the 4 of them were about to punish Xiao Yu by jumping on top of him. But Xiao Yu immediately ran off and A Wei was replaced, the situation was hilarious.

Translated by Choco-late

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