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[News] Lollipop's Guang Zhou event has been cancelled

This news is not translated from an article but it was news from fans.

On the 21st February Lollipop except Wei Lian has arrived to Guang Zhou for the "222 Huan Ran Yi Xing" event, the event was held on the 22nd February but due to the over amount of fans attended the event and caused a big commotion the event has been cancelled so that both fans and artists will be safe.
This is the 2nd time that Lollipop's appearance at China has been cancelled due to the over amount of fans. Lollipop apologised to the fans who came and supported them and promise that they will be back again.

Wang Zi replied at woo saying it's a shame that they didn't get to perform as he was dressed up so handsome and nicely styled his hair. Andy ge also posted a message at woo saying although he didn't go to Guang Zhou with Lollipop but he immediately got news from Wang Zi and Xiao Jie that the event has been cancelled. He apologised to the fans and promise Lollipop will be back to meet the fans, also he mention do support "Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan" as it's airing in China at the moment.

Lollipop is just too popular in China, this is their 2nd time that they had to stop an event because of the amount of fans who came. It is a shame not to see the performance of the handsome Wang Zi dressed up and styled his hair nicely.

↑ A photo posted by Wang Zi which is taken on that day.

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