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CIRCUS 狗仔隊 2009.02.28 棒棒堂

This episode is so funny and Circus are crazy, Lollipop were so high!

So they were in the bus heading to where Lollipop's performance place, Circus's Leo played poker with Xiao Yu as they also said Xiao Yu is the gamble god. At the end Xiao Yu lost so he had to do the dare which is do Michael's moon walk in the train. It was so funny as the others pretend not knowning him and Xiao Yu was so embarrassed. The passengers were so calm they just ignored him.

I like the little chat with Circus before they went on the train, Circus was looking at Lollipop trying wanting to know how to become an idol. Then they said about drinks they buy Lollipop would rip the brand off even if they aren't an image representative for any drinks. Then Circus suddenly asked Ao Quan does he like anyone recently? Ao Quan went a little shock and wanting to leave so Circus changed the subject asking the 2 other members who's not with them at the moment. Xiao Jie said that Wang Zi's MSN has the most girls out of the 6, Ao Quan was saying how Wang Zi won't admit if he meet any new girl. Circus immediately asked Wang Zi and I like how he just replied "I have".

Circus then said to Lollipop to do something so that they can put it as preview so cheat audience to watch their show. So Lollipop started doing some random facial expression and this is the part where Wang Zi acted as "angry" just to attract audience to watch the show. Wang Zi's acting was very real I was cheated by him before.

This is the most craziest part in the show. Both Lollipop and Circus prepared some questions for each other, the group who loses at the end will have to eat tang yuan filled with wasabi inside. Lollipop's questions were pretty normal but Circus' questions were more daring. One of the question was "Who in Circus did a foreskin surgery?" Wang Zi immediately said Xiao Ma, he was so cute laughing so hard. But in the end they went with Eason as the answer. After knowing it's Xiao Ma Xiao Jie asked can we see and Xiao Ma really showed them that's why Lollipop was screaming that Circus went crazy.

Another part that was crazy was "What colour underpants is KID wearing?" A Wei was saying how it's skin colour meaning he didn't underpants. Wang Zi was touching KID and KID jumped saying Wang Zi touched his private part. Wang Zi just laughed so hard saying he actually didn't touch it. Then Circus said use look and Wang Zi immediately said "He didn't wear anything". As the previous question about foreskin Wang Zi got it correct so Xiao Jie believes in him this time. The answer was revealed by KID showing it to Lollipop and the answer is that he didn't wear underpants. So at the end Circus lost they had to eat the wasabi tang yuan. Xiao Jie is so brave he ate the tang yuan without looking ugly.

While Lollipop went to perform Circus grabbed one of Wang Zi's fans, Xiao Gui. Before Lollipop left they asked Wang Zi to blow up this plastic bag. I don't know if that fans is lucky or unlucky because she got fooled by Circus and it doesn't look nice to see her sucking Wang Zi's blown up plastic bag. At the end she received an hug from Wang Zi and as Wang Zi's father is waiting for him outside so he left the bus. Xiao Gui called a Xiao Yu fan, they were trying to fool that fan by pretending to be Xiao Yu but a super Lollipop fan could tell the difference.

This was a crazy episode and all of them were very high. Next week there's a bit more of Lollipop.

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