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[News] Wei Lian's father funeral

Wei Lian (Right) and his sister (Left)

Left to right: A Wei, A Ben, Da Ya and Andy ge

[2009-02-16] Lollipop member Wei Lian’s father passed away at the age of 51 on the 30th January. As the oldest son, Wei Lian has prepared the funeral. Members of Lollipop: Wang Zi, A Wei, Xiao Yu, Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and good friend Kenji Wu attended the funeral. The unshaved face of Wei Lian looks extremely exhausted and eye bags were shown. During the funeral he cried until lost of voice.

Wei Lian’s father has always had a healthy body and also a P.E. teacher but unfortunately last year he discovered that he got cancer. This year January he’s been going through treatment, Wei Lian had to travel from Taipei to Tai Zhong to take care of his father. During New Year Wei Lian even took a long break and stayed at Tai Zhong to take care of his father but unfortunately on the 30th January Wei Lian’s father passed away. This news was a great shock to his mother and sister.

At first Wei Lian’s family had their emotion well controlled, when they saw relatives or friends they would greet them. But after the ceremony, Wei Lian collapsed and burst out in tears. This might affect Lollipop’s 2009 plan postponed for the new album and concert.

Translated by Choco-late

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