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[News] Fans complained for insulting their idols

[2009-02-05] Taiwanese popular group Lollipop always presents a clean image which attracted lots of female; recently there’s been a misunderstanding that Lollipop acted as the main lead of an adult English movie. It attracted lots of Lollipop fans complain and discussion in forums. They even complained to the movie company saying using their idol’s name is a copyright crime.

A movie company will soon release a movie name “Si Zai Bang Bang Tang”, the main lead is a Hollywood actor Seth Rogen and female lead is the one who acted in “Spider Man 3” and the movie “W.”Both of them will be acting as a young teen who’s really poor to run out of this they find other friends together to film adult movies, it is a comedy adult movie.

Fans of Lollipop saw their idols name as an adult movie was surprise and angry. They complained in forums and one even said “If I didn’t know I thought Lollipop is acting in an adult movie!”

A reporter called the movie company the one who replied was Mr. Wei “This movie is about a group of young teens who lost their jobs to earn money in their own way they started filming adult movies, the moral of the movie is to support young teens to be strong even in bad situation. They haven’t seen the movie yet how would they now it’s bad? If Lollipop came to Hong Kong I don’t mind to invite them to watch this movie.”

After knowing their artist is known as “porn star”, Lollipop’s manager Andy laughingly said “We can’t control what name the movie company uses, but to young fans please know who your idol is and don’t watch it.”

Translated by Choco-late

Just to mention that "Si Zai" in Cantonese mean "adult movies" or "porn". The English name of this movie is called "Zack and Miri make a porno", obviously the name has nothing to with "Bang Bang Tang" but I guess they just using this name to attract attention.

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