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[News] Wei Lian's father passed away, Lollipop continues with 5 members

At first the news of Wei Lian's father passed away was unsure because there wasn't any official news. So finally there's a official news about it on newspaper.

A translation of the above article.

Wei Lian's father passed away on the 30th January because of cancer. As Wei Lian is the oldest son so he had to take care of his father's funeral therefore be will be away from Lollipop's work. Wei Lian will be back to work in late February. Wei Lian's father is a P.E. teacher and was healthy all along but mid last year he discovered that he got cancer. Last year in father's day episode of "Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang" he appeared on the show. Wei Lian's father fought with his cancer for 8 months but unfortunately on the 30th January at 6:27pm he passed away. Wei Lian mention that his father is very handsome, also a sport representative of Taiwan and he is very proud of him.

When Wei Lian received news that his father passed away he was very depress. Last year during one of Lollipop's autograph event his father came and supported him even when he's going under treatment. After Wei Lian's father passed away, it was Wei Lian's responsibility to take care of the funeral. It is decided that the funeral will be held on 15th February. Fans left messages online supporting and cheering Wei Lian. Hei Ren visited Wei Lian he said that Wei Lian is very sad, he has grown a beard since he didn't shave but still stayed strong to face the truth.

Source: Above news article
Translated by Choco-late

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