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CIRCUS狗仔隊 2009.02.21 棒棒堂

Lollipop on Circus Paparazzi, as usual the show start off slowly with Circus discussing what kind of questions to ask with Andy ge. Circus really does get off topic a lot of the times during this discussion. So they prepared questions like "Who is less popular in the group?", Andy ge replied that A Wei and Wei Lian is less popular in Taiwan. But each member is popular depends on different countries so there's no one is less popular. Other questions was like "Have they ever fought?", "Is there anything they don't want to do but have to?" and etc. And Andy ge talked about love between Hey Girl and Lollipop that he would go against it, the first example he gave was if Wang Zi and Gui Gui are dating he would against it because they both are young and will affect work. But if it's Ao Quan and Da Ya he probably will let them be as they are old enough to handle it.

So after a long discussion they finally went and found Lollipop. Lollipop was all dressed up for their Kiaohsiung Lantern Festival's performance. When Lollipop saw Circus they immediately said "Circus ge!", which showed their manners toward Circus as Circus debuted before Lollipop. So they had a little playful chat, saying how Circus Paparazzi has taken over Na Li 5 Da Kang and etc. So throughout the show Lollipop will PK Circus at variety of games, the first game was like freestyle rap or singing. At the end Lollipop won as A Wei's lyric said Xiao Jie's chin is shorter than one of the Circus's member. As suppose the loser had to drink this bitter drink but they pushed it that the winner has to drink it. A Wei was suppose to drink it but he pushed it to Xiao Jie.

So after all that they started heading to the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival's place. In the bus they continued their talk, Lollipop said a lot of things about Andy ge saying how he hates people ignoring him and how he's appearing in lots of shows. They also said something about Fahrenheit, Wang Zi said "6 people fans is more than 4 people fans". But after that he immediately said "I'm joking, Fahrenheit is very handsome!"

So that's all for this episode, next episode there will be more and in the preview it seem they all went crazy. Of course the part where Wang Zi is angry should be in the next episode. I'm sure the next episode will be a lot more interesting than this episode.

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