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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

模范棒棒堂 2009.02.16 三軍選拔學長學弟PK賽 (上)

The seniors are back, in Lollipop only Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and Wang Zi while all members of 7Bang is there. I guess A Wei and Xiao Yu probably have school issue to deal with other than that reason I can't think of any others. For Wei Lian we should all know what happened to him.

Xiao Jie had this rock makeup on and he totally looks awesome like that. Everyone was wearing black except for A Ben and Mao Di. A Ben is so hilarious with that mask on and was totally in character as no matter what he would start to rap.

Yi Teng VS Mao Di
They PK singing and dancing, Yi Teng got a score of 13 while Mao Di got 16.

Wan Zi VS Ao Quan
They were PK break dancing, I did see Wan Zi improve but still need to work harder because his moves doesn't seem smooth enough. Haven't seen Ao Quan breaking for a long time, really misses his performances. As usually Ao Quan always bring a good performance to the audience, this performance is just mainly break dancing so Ao Quan did not add any other things in it. The score at the end is Ao Quan got 19 while Wan Zi got 14.

Ah Jie VS A Ben
They PK rapping, A Ben as usual he's so funny even before performing. I cracked up laughing so badly at A Ben's performance. I like the video he recorded, it's so hilarious.
The score is A Ben got 20 and Ah Jie got 15.

ABC VS Yea Shou
Another singing PK, I think Yea Shou should have chosen another song as it's hard to sing. At the end Yea Shou got 17 and ABC got 15.

YoYo VS Xiao Lu
Locking PK amongst these two, YoYo's dance was like a mix of different style not really much of locking and Xiao Lu's performance is great as usual as we all know he specialise in locking.
Xiao Lu got a score of 17 and YoYo got 12.

This episode ended with all the didis being defeated by the seniors, next episodes there will be more amazing performance.

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