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FANS 2009 February Issue (Wang Zi + Lollipop)

Finally found clear scans of FANS February issue where Wang Zi and Mao Di on the cover. I usually don't read the articles for magazine scans but for this one I read everything.

The first few questions they asked about "Ai Dao Di" and movie related questions as both of them have participated in 2 movies. The rest of the questions was about love as it's Valentine day.

There's things I didn't know about Wang Zi, like Mao Di said when the other 5 members (Lollipop) is watching adult movies Wang Zi would not watch it and aviod watching any parts ot it. They also talked about their past Valentine days, Wang Zi would receive a lot of chocolates and love letters. I knew Wang Zi is popular with girls during high school but didn't know he was popular with the female teachers as well.

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Credit: itsprince


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17 February 2009 at 3:40 pm

Will You Help Me Sign Up So I Can Have The Pictures It Dosen't Let Me Please Help Me