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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

無線娛樂新聞台 2009.02.19 棒棒堂重返"模范棒棒堂"錄影

A Hong Kong news about Lollipop, 7Bang and San Jun back to recording the new MFBBT show. You can just tell how happy they are, Ao Quan calling Fanfan "Mother" and Wang Zi is like "For my age Fanfan can be my mother" and immediately Fanfan jokingly smacked at Wang Zi.

As people have read the news article about Xiao Yu and Xiao Man, it was a focus for news reporters. Lollipop apologised for Xiao Yu and Xiao Man that they did the wrong thing. As for their relationship a reporter asked if Lollipop knew about it, Xiao Jie replied that it's their own personally issue they just know about it when they read the newspaper. But they cleared up that Xiao Yu and Xiao Man are friends only.

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