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我愛黑澀會 2009.02.27 真的沒那麼喜歡妳?! 底迪美眉曖昧二度攻防戰

This episode topic is the same as what 7Bang had before, as a lot of audience like it so here's another episode of it with Lollipop + 7Bang. This time they had short videos to refer to and the main characters are Wei Yu, Mei Mei and Ya Tou.

Just when the episode starts Ao Quan said how he's upset with what Da Ya said during the New Year show. All the meimeis and didis were againsting Wei Yu, no matter he says they disagree with him. And funny thing is A Wei and Wang Zi said Wei Yu acted like a perverted, then A Wei was to acted the same thing. It was so funny how A Wei just pulled Mei Mei saying "That's size S, you should look at size L".

So Wei Yu has became the center attention in this episode with everyone againsting him. Xiao Jie didn't say much he just sat there quietly. This episode overall is good but too much of Wei Yu.

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishowV)
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pilky says
1 March 2009 at 8:52 pm

the ep where only 7bang came (ie, 1st time they made this 暧昧 ep) is what date?