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[News] New season of MFBBT, all 3 generation together!

[2009-02-19] All 3 generation is together in a new season! Last week Hu Ya and Ah Jie were selected as the 3rd group from MFBBT. Yesterday it was the recording of the new MFBBT along with new segments and new background. Lollipop, Mo Fan 7 Bang and San Jun are all together in this new season of MFBBT. Fanfan who is the host happily said “This is a new start.” Wei Lian who took a leave for 2 months because of his father’s death is back to the group. The day before the recording day he had a new hair cut and said “Was absent for a long time now back to recording I felt a bit scared but seeing everyone brings back my energy!”

Yesterday Xiao Zhu especially came to the recording with flowers and a cake to celebrate the new season of MFBBT. Fanfan was only happy for 5 minutes as Xiao Zhu’s MV “Cheng Yao”does not have her. Xiao Zhu immediately explained “Because you and Hei Ren is one!”

Before Xiao Zhu expressed that if his album sold 150,000 copies he would dress up as a female and dance. At the moment Xiao Zhu’s album has sold 120,000 copies already and the boys helped the audience to get a sight of this earlier, they prepared a 180cm dressed up in bikini cardboard female. Seeing such a comedy scene the boys pushed A Wei to try, as A Wei is only around 170cm all you could see was his hair and eyes. With the help from Ao Quan his face then could be seen, everyone cracked up laughing.

There was a rumour that Xiao Yu and Xiao Man were dating and it also became the focus question of reporters. Towards this issue Lollipop seriously replied to the reporters for Xiao Yu & Xiao Man, they apologised as a celebrity that they presented a misleading model and hope fans will forgive them. Lollipop expressed that dating is not prohibit as long as it doesn’t affect their work. But when asked if there’s a possibility that the two groups being paired up, Wang Zi replied “Only when acting.”

Channel[V]’s director Andy expressed that the company doesn’t have a rule that artists cannot date, only warnings from mouth. Hoping Lollipop and Hey Girl don’t date each other as personal feelings will affect their emotions during work. As for Xiao Yu and Xiao Man smoking in public is a bad example as a artist, they both are in a introspection period. The introspection time will depends on their behaviour.

Translated by Choco-late

This was the best news I've heard in 2009 that all 3 generation of MFBBT groups at back together in a whole new season of MFBBT. I guess the 2nd season didn't do good and Andy ge has kept his words that if the ratings are bad the old didis are coming back. My heart is racing now, I wonder when the new episodes are showing.

On the other hand I'm quite sad to hear about Xiao Yu and Xiao Man. Not that smoking is a big thing but was just shock. For the photos of them dating and smoking you can see it here.

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AngeL Peña says
20 February 2009 at 2:43 pm

choco-late...why I can't see the picture that you can see...but the website suddenly close??

Choco-late says
21 February 2009 at 11:45 pm

what photos are you referring to that you can't see?