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模范棒棒堂 2009.02.24 三軍選拔 向學長致敬 (下)

Continuing on from the previous episode Ah Liang performed his "Michael Jordan" dance. I would agree on what Andy ge said that he doesn't look like he's good at dancing and the end was too chopped. He should have focus more on his own dancing.

Next up and Xia En and Ah Jie performing Wang Zi's and Mao Di's taekwondo dance. So their main advice is "it doesn't matter how well you can dance as long as you look handsome that's all it matters". The VCR that they did was pretty funny and their performance was alright.

Afterward it's YoYo's turn performing Wei Yu's num-chucker dance that he did during the elimination round. YoYo tried really hard but probably he's trying to keep up with the music which makes him rushing it a bit. Like he's busy with his action where it's not smooth enough.

Next was Yi Teng challenging Li Quan's ballroom dancing performance. I must say Yi Teng did really good, most importantly his expression was enjoyful and happy.

Next was Wan Zi challenging Ao Quan's and A Wei's Dragonball Z performance. He went and asked for Ao Quan's advice but was late so Ao Quan hide behind another door and scared him.

The last performance is Xiao Chun challenging A Ben's fire dance performance. Xiao Chun was amazing and again he wore his revealing african costume.

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