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New MFBBT 9/1

New didis are ready to be on the show, I stole these caps from woo. The caps are from the new didis preview that was aired. There's rumor that the 9th cap is Xiao Jie's real little brother (Xiao Bai) he has been on the show before. Also rumor that the shadow one is Xiao Le, there is posibility that it's Xiao Le since he hasn't been through any elmination before and hasn't been on the show long enough to show more of himself.

By the looks of these new didis, they aren't looking good to me. But they all look really young. The uniform looks ugly (no other word to describe it), they look like waiters.

Since all the old didis graduated so I'm gonna call the new MFBBT with the new didis Season 2. Season 2 starts at September 1st, I'll be watching the first few episodes to see if I like it or not, I know everyone is sad about the old didis graduating but who knows if the new didis will grow into us and maybe we'll enjoy watching them as well.

I might or might not post the new MFBBT as Lollipop isn't in the show anymore but if people request for it I can still continue posting them. But the label I put will be "新模范棒棒堂" so that I can differentiate from Season 1.

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moonberry says
26 August 2008 at 3:30 am

i'm very excited to watch the new MFBBT and see who the new didis are. i agree with you, the "shadow" is probably xiao le and i'm glad if the show keep him, because i think he has potential.