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[News] Na Li 5 Da Kang on MFBBT

[2008-08-20] After splitting the group up, Wang Zi, Xiao Yu and A Wei filmed new drama HTQXZ, Wei Lian also hosting a new show with Kenji Wu and now Ao Quan, Xiao Jie and A Wei will be hosting a new TV show which will be airing at September 7th.
The new TV show "哪裡5打抗" is hosted by Ao Quan, Xiao Jie, A Wei, Hei Girl's Apple and Rong Jia. When asked if they are disbanding Xiao Jie expressed "We're still a group when it comes to releasing albums but we all got individual things to do".

Yesterday the 5 host of "哪裡5打抗" came to MFBBT as guest, this is the first time having a group like this so Fanfan was testing if they have enough chemistry. But instead they started discussing who would talk the less in the group. Ao Quan said it's Xiao Jie as him and A Wei has good chemistry, on the other side Apple said it will be her but she will try her best.

On the show they played several games, the 3 guys said they're not embarass as they're all guys but never have thought that Apple and Rong Jia would join the game. Apple didn't mind to be stuck between and sat on Ao Quan's lap. Rong Jia sat on Apple when Apple is sitting on A Wei, Rong Jia kept pushing down to burst the ballon but was actually hurting A Wei.

Translated by Choco-late

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