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[News] Lollipop members agreed that figure is not everthing

[2008-08-17] Yesterday 3 members of Lollipop Wei Lian, Xiao Jie and Ao Quan attended an audition event at Hong Kong, it attracted 500 fans cheering for them. Facing so many bikini girls Lollipop didn't dare to look around and expressed that figure isn't the most important thing.

First time being as TV show host Wei Lian expressed that he's very nervous but he can do it. One of the contestant started crying as she went off tune and was too nervous. As one of the judges Andy ge asked Wei Lian to sing along with her. Wei Lian company the contestant and supporting her by looking at her as the audience cheered. Another contestant ran up to the judges and started doing sexy dance which frighten Wei Lian to move back.

Ao Quan and Xiao Jie also presented their first time as judge during the day. Asking them their judging critria Wei Lian said "At Taiwan we already filmed the first episode. Out of 100 contestants 40 was elminated. All the girls were great and talented but eyes had to keep away from shoulder below as they are still young. As I'm the host only the judges can give out scores".

Wei Lian and Xiao Jie expressed that they normally will look at the legs and legs height, better if figure is average. Wei Lian said figure is not important as long as it's average, Ao Quan also said personality is also very important.

Translated by Choco-late

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