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黑糖群俠傳 EP04

I know a lot of people have been waiting for me to do the screen cap but I was late on it as I just finish downloading the episode and just watched it.

I feel like the last two episodes talked more on Gou Jing not that it's not good but I want to see more of Ling Hu. So the blood sucking part wasn't as excited as I expected to be, it seem like nothing when I saw it as the camera doesn't even focus on him sucking.
I start to think Jian Ning is a little annoying from the part where she was pissed off at Ling Hu just because he wouldn't tell her what has happened.
Then there was a whole lot talking about Jian Ning was angry at Ling Hu and where Gou Jing just sticks around with her.

The food heating part was funny, Cong Tai was funny when he's like laughing at what Gou Jing ordered. The kissing part of Gou Jing and Jian Ning was not that exciting, just like what the news said not that romantic. Wei Xiao Bao and Xiao Nong Nu pairing is very funny, I like how they always fight over little things.

Not a lot of things going on in this episode mostly of Jian Ning and Gou Jing relationship and Ling Hu as well. I'm starting to really like Ling Hu and Ying Ying pairing a lot, I just love it when both of them are together. I wonder when is the kissing scene of Ling Hu and Ying Ying? Looking forward to the next episode, hope they talk about dong fang bu bai more.

Screen cap time! I hope people like my screen caps (although I personally take a lot of Wang Zi but I'm trying to be fair)

Watching the 2nd time of this scene, vampire just suddenly pops in to my mind. The it reminds me of manga or anime which talks about hot looking vampires. Wang Zi looks really nice with those red lips.

The scene of Wang Zi with Bobo. His expression was really cute after he thrown Bobo away. Too bad the throwing part was too fast I can't capture it.

The first toilet scene in HTQXZ, Wang Zi cute expression while waiting for A Wei to finish his "business".

The really cute make up scene of Jian Ning and Ling Hu. I love hugs from the back, it's always sweater than huggin from face to face.

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