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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.28 第一屆棒棒堂男孩畢業典禮結業式

I'm so surprise that I didn't cry when I was watching this episode, I had watery eyes but I didn't cry. In this episode Andy ge present all the graduating certificate to all the didis, even Xiao Le and Hu Ya who is still on the show. All the didis were like crying and Wang Zi cried so badly he was like hugging Andy ge for so long.

But yeah Fanfan was like trying to comfort everyone by not crying and cracking jokes. The last part where only Fanfan, Xiao Xiang, Rong Jia, Andy ge, Jun Yi jie and Da Mu left was funny as they sat in the didis' sit saying goodbye to the audience.

Right afterward it's the selection of the er jun, there was like over 100 people in the studio. Lollipop came on and Ao Quan brought Hu Ya in to let him have more screen shots, then they sang Wo Men Zhi Jian a song that present friendship.

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