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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.25 畢業升級總評比 (上)

First part of the 畢業升級總評比, everyone worked really hard in all performances.

First performance was Xiao Lu and Yea Shou, both of them started singing which was really beautiful as both of them has good voice. There's a little storyline to the performance, then they started dancing and at the end Yea Shou killed them all. The performance was longer than usual but it wasn't boring at all.

Afterward it's A Wei, he prepared a video at the start just like how people do in MVs. Already I was touched by his video. Then it showed him playing the piano and singing although he made a mistake and his singing wasn't that strong but all those things doesn't matter anymore because his performance really touched me. I was like crying after he finish performing.

Next was Han Jiang, Han Jiang did a kendo plus dance performance. His kendo skills are really cool and he looks really hot. The dancing part awesome too as the music and movements are connected and he sure did improve a lot in everything.

To get the mood change Wei Yu and Xiao Le did sort of a kuso poppin performance. What they did was they added the Han Jiang joke in and once again we can never forget about Han Jiang as the other didis loves him so much. The dancing was amazing somehow Xiao Le just stands out to me during the performance.

Hu Ya's performance was really awesome, he is a type that will surprise you every then and now. I must say that he has improved on his dancing so much I would miss him so much as he's a great performer. The music, the dance moves and how the music goes with the moves just fits in perfectly.

Last performer of this episode is A Ben, he did a rap plus dance performance. Although A Ben lost a little control during the rapping part but he grab it back at the end. The usual A Ben gives people a feminine feel but in this performance he was really man.

Next episode there would be more awesome performances I can't wait to watch it but I don't think I can watch it using PPS as I have class the next day.

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