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[News] MFBBT graduation, Blood+Tears

[2008-08-24] Popular teen show "Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang" has finally come to an end of the first season. All the didi did their best to perform the last performance, Fanfan and all the rest cried together.

During the last episode everyone did their best to finish their last performance for the show, Ao Quan performed "Michael Ao Quan" and received great comments. A Wei turned into a prince who played the piano and sang. Xiao Yu and Li Quan performed together as a rock band, everyone was so high.

Wei Lian was performing a kuso show playing with the sword singing Jay Chou's Ju Hua Tai song. But Xiao Jie accidentally stepped on the sword and immediately started bleeding. He was then sent to the hospital but came right back after the wound was treated as he want to be with everyone until the very last minute of the filming. Fanfan was crying and said "Lets not continue filming, lets not graduate".

Translated by Choco-late

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