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黑糖群挾傳 Ep05

I know this episode has the kissing scene so like at 2am before I went to sleep I watched that part only. OMG! The kissing scene was quiet hot! It's passion but not too over, I love how the director switched scene to their hands where they both careless their body. Other than I'm so hype about that scene the rest was okay.

The cheating part during exam was funny, it's funny how even Ling Hu cheats as well since he's like the biggest amongst them all. Xiao Long Nu childhood part was sweet and she's very cute for remembering such things. I sort of guessed that boy would be Wei Xiao Bao, it's so obvious. Jian Ning starts to feel distance with Ling Hu and was more closer with Guo Jing as they could talk about anything. After the kiss Ling Hu and Jian Ning relationship is struggling, you can tell that Ling Hu probably likes Ying Ying but since he care too much about Jian Ning he is confused about his feelings.
The nurse was the trader, she was discovered by Ling Hu and Ying Ying. So then the principle has to start the special training to against Dong Fang Bu Bai. At the end of the episode Guo Jing had to retake his exam and again Ling Hu will against him. From what the old guy taught him Guo Jing sucessfully passed his exam.

Next episode from what I see in the preview Ling Hu is avoiding Ying Ying and Ying Ying was really upset about it. Then for some reason Ling Hu stopped avoiding her and was bitch slapped by Ying Ying. To forget about Ling Hu Ying Ying decided to go out with Chu Liu Xiang. I guess the next episode will be more on Ling Hu and Ying Ying relationship. I'm guessing that at the end Ling Hu would probably beb with Ying Ying or he's just gonna be by himself, I doubt that he's going to be back with Jian Ling. Forgot to mention as well, next episode Wei Xiao Bao gonna tell Xiao Long Nu about he's the childhood boy, I think they will get together in the next episode.

Screen capture time, didn't do a lot of screen cap this time. Mostly capped the kissing part as it was the hottest part in the whole episode.

The hottest scene in the entire episode. Gosh I think this is the hottest kissing scene I've seen in Taiwanese drama other than the long kissing scene in They Kissed Again. Wang Zi doesn't look good when his hair is wet because his face is so round. And the part where Wang Zi's face was red, gosh he looks so hot. It quiet funny how he jumped into the fountain after the kiss and the more funny thing is he got dried so quickly.

Gosh! I can't get over the kissing scene even though they kissed because of the medicene they took that happens a lot in novels but it never fails to get me excited.

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2 Responses to "黑糖群挾傳 Ep05" (Leave A Comment)

Kyala says
24 August 2008 at 4:52 pm

d kiss scene reallly was nice
especially how d camera took it~

luved d part where wei xiao bao looked so serious when he was thinking back in his memories~
so different from his usual self XD

cant wait for d next episode~

moonberry says
26 August 2008 at 3:34 am

i am looking forward to the next episode too! i like this series a lot and i saw on wikipedia that there'll be a total of 20 episodes!?!? aiyahhh, we'll be watching one episode per week until december ah! -_-"